How To Host A Flower Mandala Ritual Gathering

Creative flower mandala with petals on mossy green ground

When was the last time you created a flower mandala? It's so satisfying, especially when you gather with fellow women. People—women in particular—have been joining forces together over centuries: gathering, creating, sharing.

This spring, invite over a group of women for flower mandala-making. It's the perfect time to plant seeds. It's also a perfect ritual for bachelorette parties, baby showers, etc...

Invite women you don't know well and some you do. You'd be surprised how women you hardly know become friends after. 

The Ritual

Send the invites

First, invite some women over -- and ask each to bring a small bouquet of flowers. 

On the day of your mandala-making ritual, make sure you've got quite a few vases and jars to keep your blooms happy while you mingle. 

Introductions + intentions

During our recent gathering, we decided to share a bit about each other in a circle, then we split into groups to set intentions for spring. This is a great time to tie in oracle / tarot cards and any books of wisdom to guide your intentions. After 20+ minutes, come back together. 

Create your mandala

Now it's time to begin your flower mandala. As you create your flower mandala, start from the middle and work your way out, adding petals and full blooms in a consistent pattern. Think about your intention as you place your petals in the mandala. 

Your flower mandala ritual can focus on anything you like. If you host your own gathering during the fall, you could focus on closure and planting seeds for the next year. Whatever works for you.

Close with a conscious moment

Once you feel like your mandala is complete, take a moment to join with the women, take some deep conscious breaths, to close the journey together. It might be a great time to share individual intentions as well.

Woman places petal on ground to form a petal mandalaImage via Megan

Up-close of petals in flower mandala

Woman places petals and blooms in a circular pattern for a flower mandala

Woman adds petals to circular flower mandala

Complete flower mandala from above

Go further within and connect with your spirit through a plant-powered intention setting ritual.



Kristen Runvik, founder of Lagom Body Co.

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