Transform your life with wildflower-infused skincare


Kristen Runvik, founder of Lagom Body Co., creates everyday skincare made from wildflower-infused oils and essential oils. Our favorite medicinal wildflowers are calendula and yarrow -- both of which you'll find in many of our facial and body care products.


Lagom is a Swedish word that roughly translates to not too much, not too little: just the right amount. It's my guiding philosophy for creating our product formulas. I'd rather use a small number of unrefined, high-quality ingredients than use limitless fillers and synthetic chemicals to extend shelf-life. That's why you only find Lagom either here online or with our specialty retailers who care as much about fresh skincare as I do. 




I love Boho Bloom! Facial oils never worked well with my skin. They always caused breakouts, even after months of use. But I really wanted to give your products a try. I'm so over-the-moon happy that I did. Nothing's ever made my skin feel this good.

Amanda Warner

My skin feels alive now. I didn't realize I wasn't really treating it correctly either. I would basically dry it out, then moisturize it but your product is balancing out the natural oil my skin produces. It's awesome.

Lisa Henderson

Your skincare has rocked my world! The Wild Glow facial mist smells like heaven and your Flower Bud oil makes my sensitive skin feel all sorts of soft and glowy. I'm so grateful for you and your beautiful line! My skin sends love and kisses! 😘 ✨

Britney Leon

So excited for day 1 of treating myself with #lagomlove. I used both of these little beauties less than 5 minutes ago - my skin already feels better, the scents immediately relaxed me, and the whole process has set me in a better mood to start the day. Thanks lagom body co. for sharing your magic with me!

Alexandra Schaffer

Your products have my skin glowing. My skin feels so good. It's smooth, dewy, and clear. And your products are the only things I've been using :) 

Jenysha Polk

I absolutely love your products! Like I am seriously obsessed! They are perfect for my skin and I am so impressed with them. Lovely smell, quick and easy to use, my skin is so clear and soft, my foundation goes on better and stays longer. I could go on and on.

Danielle Firle

I've been using the Flower Bud Oil for only a week and have noticed an incredible difference in my skin! It is much softer now and my complexion has a glow and my skin in general feels and looks more even. When I use it under makeup, it creates a beautiful dewy effect without making my skin feel greasy. I am so excited to have found a new staple for my daily skin care regimen. Thank you Lagom!

Orisia Nova

My skin literally hasn't been this clear since I was like six years old. Lagom is magic. 

Eleanore Catherine

I used one of your salves on my son's eczema and it has proven to be the best solution for his breakouts. I tried many different products and brands. While some worked better than others, nothing compared to your salve. Thank you for creating your amazing products!

Shirley Arrecis


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