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"What a lovely product! I received this as a sample and immediately loved it with the first use. Smooth texture that melts on contact, it smells wonderful, and has me excited about a double cleanse." - Tina

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Herbalist-Formulated Skin and Body Care Remedies

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To Nourish Skin and Soul



Plant-centric botanical potions, handcrafted by an herbalist, to help your skin and soul shine. Happily crafted by hand in our Rhode Island studio.


Sync With The Seasons

Beautiful products made to help you sync up with the seasons, to find the nature within. Pair the Daily Ritual with Seasonal Releases to find yourself.


Natural Ingredients

Made from hand from ingredients made by nature. Botanical infused oils, luscious face creams, and moisturizing hydrosols nourish, hydrate, and enliven the skin.

Herbalist Formulated. Made with Love and Intention.

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Favorite Fall Things: A Seasonal Lifestyle Guide

Favorite Fall Things: A Seasonal Lifestyle Guide

The leaves are changing, the light is waning, and chunky sweaters and chai lattés are now the go-tos. As we shift into fall and late fall, we star...
Zesty Ginger Lemon Tea For Seasonal Immunity

Zesty Ginger Lemon Tea For Seasonal Immunity

As we shift into fall, the temperatures drop along with the humidity—both indoor and outdoor. Pair this with most people staying indoors and it results in more colds, coughs, and flus and a general meh feeling. ⁠That's why, when the leaves start to fall, I start incorporating zesty ginger tea into my daily fall ritual. 

Healthy Homemade Herbal Ginger Chai Latté

Healthy Homemade Herbal Ginger Chai Latté

My healthy, homemade chai recipe includes fresh ginger root and other warming spices and herbs to increase circulation during the fall and winter which is a simple way to boost your immune system and blood flow, boost digestion, and give you a healthy, herbal alternative to daily coffee consumption. 

What does 'Lagom' mean?

'Lagom' is a Swedish word that roughly translates to not too much, not too little: just the right amount. It's our guiding philosophy at Lagom Body Co. We prioritize using a small number of unrefined, high-quality ingredients and create in small batches to provide fresh, nourishing herbalist-formulated skin and body care products.