Rituals Rooted in Nature

Hello beautiful and welcome to Lagom Body Co.

Herbalist-Formulated Skincare Since 2016

Lagom Body Co. is an herbalist-formulated skincare line designed to bring rhythmic, seasonal, and intuitive-living to the forefront of our lives. Kristen, Lagom Body Co.'s founder, formulates, blends, and bottles every product and is a new mama to Maiya. The LBC studio is based in Rhode Island. Meet Kristen here →

A Botanical Daily Ritual

The Daily Ritual collection creates a sensory, nourishing, and beautiful everyday experience, no matter the season, to keep your skin in balance and to connect you to yourself through this daily rhythm.

Formulated For The Seasons

I release limited-edition products that are my ode to the energies of every season throughout the year. These synergistic products weave into the Daily Ritual seamlessly.

My Ingredients

Organic, cold-pressed oils are solar-infused with locally-sourced, organic botanicals—a traditional herbalist method for extracting the medicinal benefits of plants. I blend beautiful scents in-house with precious and pure essential oils of the highest quality and hand label and bottle each product. The botanicals dance together for a nourishing blend to bring your skin into balance, naturally and gently.

Sustainability Promise

 All products are housed in fully recyclable glass bottles and jars.
Products are shipped in plastic-free packaging.
Largely locally-sourced ingredients; fair-trade, ethical sourcing otherwise.

Why Lagom?

Lagom is a Swedish word that roughly translates to not too much, not too little: just the right amount. I connect with the concept as someone with Scandinavian lineage—both Swedish and Norwegian—as well as an artist who creates order and simplicity out of the abundance of nature. 

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Join me in The Circle, a place to learn more about seasonal living, herbalist-formulated skincare, and also receive exclusive offers (plus, a 10% discount on your first order.)

About Lagom Body Co. - An Herbalist-Formulated Skin and Body Care Line based in Rhode Island