Lagom (Swedish): not too much, not too little. Just the right amount.

Lagom Body Co. is a minimal + conscious skincare line offering plant-powered, small batch + non-toxic botanical products to help you love yourself + each other more.

All products are made in my apothecary based in Vancouver, Washington with love. I gift $1 of every order to women empowerment groups around the world.

Skincare with a conscience

In 2016, Lagom Body Co. was founded by Kristen Runvik with an intention to help 2,000 women by the end of 2017.

This intention is two-fold: I want to help you replace one conventional + synthetic skincare product with an all-natural, living skincare product and empower women in developing countries through our giving program. I believe doing good is always possible.

Skincare: simplified

Lagom Body Co. invites women to slow down. We aren’t happier when we’re busier. We don’t find fulfillment in the moments when we’re rushing, multitasking, and constantly adding to our to-do list. We deserve moments of stillness, but instead, we’re disconnected.

Making room for meaningful moments + grounding every day through plant-powered skincare makes life brighter + more kind for ourselves. Plus, being kind to yourself makes it easier to be kind to others. 

"Your packaging is so sweet! And your message made me cry happy tears. I'm serious. How thoughtful, and kind of you to package everything with so much love. Definitely felt the vibes pour out! And your products!!! I couldn't wait to try them this morning so I went upstairs and re-did my whole skincare routine except with your oil and mist, and holy smokes I woke up to my skin practically singing high praise! No dry spots, just smooth happy skin!" - Britney

Truly premium ingredients

All LBC products are filled with premium, living + organic plant-powered oils, botanical extracts + butters from around the world. Products are formulated according to my herbalist studies + knowledge that I've learned from my aunt who lives off the grid in the woods, relying much on nature.

I believe that tuning into the natural cycles of the earth and using only what we need is a beautiful way to stay mindful of the impact we have on ourselves + each other. 

This means that we also avoid using ingredients linked to palm oil in our products and support organic, eco-conscious suppliers as much as possible while providing an affordable, healthy + living product to you.

Formulas based on herbalism

Each plant included in LBC products is first researched + tested thoroughly on myself, friends + family before crafted into a product to make its way into your life.

I personally like to build a deep relationship with a plant before including it in a product to understand the nuances of the plant's energies and benefits.

This allows me a unique experience with the plant + honoring it in a way that best serves both its life + yours.

I'm always happy to help you with your skincare needs, so feel free to reach out!

Always living products

Each product is part of a small batch that ensures fresh, living products that make the most impact in your life + invite you to slow down to the tune of nature.

Reusable packaging

All products come in recyclable + reusable glass jars and bottles that don't leech and break down the essential oils, a common issue with plastic containers. Please reuse + recycle. 


Lagom is the perfect word to represent my skincare journey - and yours, too: from using multiple chemically-laden products to transitioning to a simplified skincare routine with products made from the power of nature, because in the case of skincare + life, focusing on the essential is always better. 


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