4 Ways To Use Plants and Flowers In Your Intention Setting Ritual

There a number of beautiful ways to incorporate fresh plants into your soulful, heart-felt intentions. In fact, I've been using nature throughout all my personal intention setting, yoga, and manifesting rituals for as long as I can remember. 

Plants create space for us to heal. They help us ground in the moment. They invite us to use all our senses. I truly believe that by bringing the outside into our personal lives that we better connect with our true purpose on earth. 

Here are some of my favorite ways to infuse botanicals into your intention setting ritual.

1. Mist your space with a hydrosol or facial mist

As you set the space for your intention ritual, spritz your space with your favorite hydrosol. Some plants that help with opening the heart and mind are lavender, rose, clary sage, peppermint, and rosemary.

I love creating seasonal mists that incorporate the essence of the season for use in my personal ritual, too. You can't go wrong with Mountain Flora Mist, which includes lemon verbena and lavender hydrosols. 

2. Work with your favorite essential oils

Whatever feeling you'd like to invoke (joy, happiness, abundance, clear-thinking) will help you choose the essential oil you want to work with.

I am attracted to different plants at different times and work with the energy of the plant to discover what I need to uncover rather than focusing on the emotion. Everyone works with them differently, so find something that calls to you and diffuse it or add a few drops to your hands, rubbing them together, and inhaling the scent.

Note: Essential oils are extremely popular and used liberally in modern times. However, like any plant, not all essential oils are safe for humans for topical OR internal use. Please do your own research and also do not ingest essential oils.

3. Add a fresh bouquet to your space

I love playing with different flowers in my space, especially when setting intentions. They bring a playful energy when fresh and a more grounded, reflective vibe when they're dried.

Head to a flower shop before your ritual and buy whatever calls to you. During your intention setting, look up the energetics of your pick or write intuitively how the flower(s) makes you feel. 

4. Create a nature mandala

Creating a nature mandala is something you can do any time of year using whatever you find outside. I like to gather sticks, stones, leaves, grasses, and flowers if they're available. Then I simply create a small circle and move outward in a repeating pattern. 


This is a great way to connect not only with your subconscious but an easy and fun way to connect with nature, no matter where you are. I especially love creating a nature mandala with friends and family. Here's a how-to guide on hosting a flower mandala gathering


4 Ways To Use Plants and Flowers In Your Intention Setting Ritual


There are countless ways to infuse plants + flowers into your intention setting ritual. Allow for their magic to set a meaningful, sensorial space that cradles both you and your intentions, ushering them into the world to manifest.



Kristen Runvik, founder of Lagom Body Co.

Lagom Body Co. is an herbalist-formulated botanical skin and body care line that's designed to bring you closer to nature. Learn more about our philosophy here.

4 Ways To Use Plants and Flowers In Your Intention Setting Ritual

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