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Meet Kristen Runvik

Kristen Runvik in a sunflower field

“Live in each season as it passes; breathe the air, drink the drink, taste the fruit, and resign yourself to the influence of the earth.” — Henry David Thoreau

Hello beautiful!

I'm Kristen Runvik, the herbalist, artisan, and creator of Lagom Body Co. My mission is to help you cultivate a natural way of being in the world through holistic skincare and seasonal lifestyle practices.

Whether I'm crafting a new skincare product, developing a new workshop or retreat, or working with local brands on exclusive oil scents + blends, I'm always thinking about what truly allows people to transform their daily routines into rituals and connecting people to nature in subtle and meaningful ways.


As a holistic herbalist, I believe in the tradition of embracing plants and flowers for healing, balancing, and supporting our lives. My work focuses primarily on crafting beautiful botanical products that center on plants and herbs.

For me, skincare is the central point of conversation but it's just one tiny part of overall health. That's why you won't just hear about skincare: Lagom Body Co. is also about a holistic + healthy lifestyle. It's not uncommon to learn about plants and in the same breath hear about sleep hygiene, vital nutrition, and daily movement and creative tools like intention setting and using tarot to cultivate the life you want.


I've been an artist all my life. I am deeply creative and seek to see the world from all angles, perspectives, and possibilities. It's why I truly love herbalism and botanical skincare formulation—it brings together my love of nature and my desire to create something beautiful in the world that improves people's lives.  

When I first started dabbling in herbalism, I began learning from the one and only Rosemary Gladstar. Later, I enrolled in Rosemary's Sage Mountain Science and Art of Herbalism Course. It was a thorough introduction to the world of plants as medicine. During that time, I crafted products for friends and family, and with amazing response (and a few years of learning, testing, tweaking, and building my confidence), I launched Lagom Body Co. in 2016.

In 2017, I joined the good folks over at Portland Herbal School to officially train as a clinical holistic herbalist. Throughout the two-year program, I deepened my relationship with the natural world that exists within the Pacific Northwest. I grew to love Spring's Stinging Nettles, Chickweed, and Horsetail, Summer's St. Johns Wort, Yarrow, and Wild Rose, and Winter's Douglas Fir and Blue Spruce. 

Today, I feel more connected to the natural world than ever, always exploring, learning, and building relationships with the plants that grow here and across North America.

And I'm always learning and advancing my knowledge to stay up to date of what's working in the botanical, natural skincare, and holistic wellness world. Right now, I'm working through Formula Botanica's Advanced Diploma in Organic Skincare Science. My aim is to create a space where you can go to learn trusted information on what's happening in the world of wellness, skincare, and holisticism -- without the hype or the fear. 

Whether you're brand new to Lagom Body Co. or you've been a long time customer, I appreciate you and am so excited to continue sharing the power of plants with you.

Kristen Runvik
Founder + Maker
Lagom Body Co.

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