Product Care

Sunspell Body Nectar

Our herbalist-formulated natural skin and body care requires different care than your typical mass-made skincare and cosmetic products.

Lagom Body Co. products are vibrant and alive and use a natural preservative system—therefore, they require more thoughtful care to extend the shelf life. 

Here are some best use recommendations for all Lagom Body Co. products.

Use Lagom Body Co. products consistently once you receive them.

Place your products in the fridge if you need a break, are unable to use the product for more than a few days, or where you store your cosmetics is warm.

Always tighten the cap.

This not only prevents leaks but also reduces the amount of air in your product, extending the life of your product. 

Keep in a cool, dark place—always.

Sunlight, steam, and warmth will degrade the products quickly. Some customers like storing their products in the shower or near the shower but I do not recommend that that. 

Keep water out of the jars and bottles.

Water can easily make your precious Lagom Body Co. product go bad in a short amount of time. Take great care when scooping out Seatide Daily Cleanser and Meadow Rose Restore Cream.

Scoop products with clean finger or utensil.

Going along with keeping water out of jars and bottles, always scoop product out with clean fingers or utensils. Our hands harbor too many germs that can easily spoil your luscious Meadow Rose Restore Cream. Wash your hands first, dry them completely, then take a scoop.

Know the best by date. 

Most Lagom Body Co. products are good for 12-18 months when cared for according to the recommendations above. If you have any questions, submit an inquiry here.


Kristen Runvik

Founder and Maker

Lagom Body Co.

Kristen Runvik, Founder and Maker of Lagom Body Co.