Nourished Seasonal Fall Workshop by Lagom Body Co.

Nourished Teaching: A Whole Body Wellness Guide To Fall

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Align your self-care and skincare practices with the fall season for more purpose, peace, and daily joy with Nourished Fall Wellness Class. 

This 90-minute teaching includes:

  • How to adjust your skincare ritual for fall including specific plants and types of products to seek out and the importance of exfoliating/detoxing
  • How to do a self massage to support your lymphatic system with body oil and recommended essential oils for fall
  • Different seasonal supplements to take and when
  • Why dry brushing is a helpful tool for for lymphatic and immune health
  • The importance of deep breathing exercises 
  • More on ginger, elder, echinacea and other immune boosting recipes
  • How to set intentions for the remainder of the year, with time for creative writing prompts to start the process

By purchasing this product, you'll receive:

  • A pre-recorded 90-minute video training with holistic herbalist Kristen Runvik
  • A 50 page guide to correspond with the video training with mindful exercises, herbal information, recommended seasonal recipes for boosting your immune system and guidance on preventative fall medicine

Once you purchase the class below, I'll send you the recording within one business day as the delivery system via Shopify is not working.

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