3 Ways To Connect With Yourself + The Earth This Spring

3 Ways To Connect With Yourself + The Earth This Spring

Spring is finally here. Woohoo! Make the most of the season with my three favorite ways to connect with yourself and the earth during this free workshop. I talk in depth about how to align in mind, body, and spirit with actionable takeaways that you can implement now without spending a single dollar or too much energy.

Here's a quick glance at some of the tips you'll hear more about

Gently move your body... the easiest way to go about this is with a walk around your neighborhood. Yoga is also a nice option for gently increasing movement, especially for those of us who work at a desk or spent the winter binging Netflix :)

Find + connect with a plant. Chances are, you've been waiting to see a specific plant during the long winter. Which one is it? Even if it's your more common plants, like dandelion, consider the personality of the plant and see if you can uncover the medicine you need. 

Get outside and take notice of the sprouting plants and blooming trees that mark the beginning of spring in your area. Go without your phone and just embrace the feeling of the increasing energy and movement happening in your environment. 

Set an intention for the spring you want to invoke. There are countless ways to connect with your inner voice and your inner desires. Listen closely and start creating the life that you want to live right now, right here in this moment. 

Lagom Body Co. is a wellness hub for radiant earth medicine and flower-infused skincare, created by holistic herbalist, Kristen Runvik. If you're feeling called to learn more about aligning your life with the seasons, check out Life in Bloom: an online transformational workshop that I teach every season with an intimate group of beautiful women.