Winter Skincare Ritual Bundle

Winter Skincare Ritual Bundle

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Soothe and nourish your heart and skin this winter with LBC's Winter Skincare Ritual. These limited edition seasonal products were designed to support you through the winter and help you in connecting with your Self and Earth through the season.

Available only during the winter season.

Included in each Winter Skincare Ritual Bundle is:

Uplift Body Oil 

Uplift Body Oil provides softening, hydrating, and nourishment to the whole body—and uplifts the mind and spirit with a delightful, herbal blend of bright citrus, woody rosemary and invigorating peppermint that uplifts the spirits while relaxing the mind and body. Consists of the same base of organic oils as Nectar Body Oil.

Wild Heart Hydrating Toner

Wild Heart Hydrating Toner hydrates winter skin while nourishing the heart and soul. Rose—the central plant in this mist—is the ultimate nurturer, bringing a sense of calm and joy to the heart during tough times. I consider rose a plant offering spiritual support as much as it does medicinal and skin support and know that you will feel a warm enveloping of your senses with every mist. Consists of the same base of nourishing, hydrating, softening and soothing botanicals as Wild Glow Mist.

Winter Skincare + Lifestyle Healing Guide

Each bundle will come with a printed winter skincare + lifestyle healing guide to support your seasonal ritual. Includes holistic recommendations on when and how to use these beautiful products and other guidance on winter well-being, written by founder and holistic herbalist, Kristen Runvik.

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