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Ritual Set

Ritual Set

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My two Ritual Oils - Slow Your Flow and Inner Forest - can be used together to create a mindful daily ritual. I like to use both of these before bed, applied to the jaw line. I also add the oil to my palms and run through my hair.  Both come in a 8.5 ml roll on.

Inner Forest Ritual Oil:

  • Inner Forest Ritual Oil supports your self-awareness practices and reminds you of forest bathing among the giants of the Pacific Northwest.
  • An otherworldly blend of vibrant, fresh, green douglas fir and rich, warm, and sweet benzoin offer grounding, sensual, and clarifying notes to enhance feelings of well-being and peace.

Slow Your Flow Ritual Oil:

  • Slow Your Flow Ritual Oil supports your self-awareness practices and reminds you to slow down, breathe deeply, and slow down in a fast-paced world.
  • Perfect for any time you need to slow down and ground into your body
  • Enhances your inner peace and mood while calming stress, anxiety, and bodily tension
  • Suitable for when you're feeling wired, tired, and just need a breather
  • Helps dissolve feelings of fear, impatience, and grumpiness
  • Can also be used as a depuffing and soothing eye serum

How to use

Liberally apply to pulse points, wrists, or jawline and inhale the grounding aroma. Apply frequently when most needed.

Ritual oil roll-on filled with 100% essential oils in non-gmo & cold-pressed sunflower oil. Best when used consistently throughout your day as the scent doesn't linger as long as synthetic parfum/perfume/"natural" scents.