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Ritual Oil Bundle

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Bring a sense of peace and well-being to your everyday with LBC's Ritual Oils. These lovely sensory blends assist the mind and body into a more mindful state and are the perfect accessory in your meditation, yoga and breathwork practices.

The Ritual Oil Bundle includes:

Inner Forest Ritual Oil with Douglas Fir and Vanilla

An otherworldly blend of vibrant, fresh, green and sacred Douglas Fir dances along the sultry, warm, sweet vanilla-like benzoin offering you grounding, sensual, and clarifying energetics to enhance feelings of well-being and peace. It feels like walking through an enchanted old growth forest.

Slow Your Flow Ritual Oil with Blue Tansy and Chamomile

Enhances inner peace and uplifts mood while calming stress, anxiety, and bodily tension with the soothing scent of tansy and chamomile. Slow Your Flow also helps dissolve feelings of fear, impatience, and grumpiness through the targeted blend of botanicals. 

The ritual oil bundle is packaged in a small LBC muslin bag, perfect for storing your ritual oils or reusing.