Chai Ritual Mist | Autumn

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Returns in September/October 2023.
  • Autumn seasonal release
  • Designed to nourish and ground your self-care rituals
  • Made with the highest quality steam-distilled¬†& C02 essential oils
  • Non-toxic alternative to candles

Imagine the feeling of cozying up with your favorite chai tea latté on a rainy fall afternoon and your journal in your lap. You take a sip, and you start writing... 

That feeling is bottled in Chai Tea Ritual Mist, a cozy seasonal aromatherapy blend to invite warmth, grounding awareness, and comfort into your fall personal care rituals. 

Use the fall seasonal Ritual Mist to mark the beginning and end of your meditation, yoga practice, or your day (or all 3). 

 A ritual mist can be used for:

  • Yoga practice
  • Meditation practice
  • Body mist
  • Candle replacement
  • Non-toxic perfume replacement
  • Linen mist¬†refresher
  • Bathroom refresher

Formulation Notes

As an herbalist, every fall I make my favorite chai tea blend for warmth and nourishment that's filled with freshly sliced ginger, crushed cardamom pods, clove, and slices of orange.

When I set out to formulate a fall scent, I knew I wanted to bottle the inviting, invigorating, and delightful scent of this healing tea.

As a Ritual Mist, I like to use this not only in my personal grounding rituals like yoga and meditation but also as a perfume replacement.

    Inside Chai Tea Ritual Mist, you'll find:

    Fresh ginger

    Uplifting. Warm. Intimate.

    The fresh ginger oil makes all the difference in replicating my favorite herbal chai tea. Distilled from fresh ginger rather than dried, it is uplifting and zesty, and gives a warm, intimate feeling. 


    Refreshes. Enlivens the heart. Invigorating.  

    Brings warmth, freshness, and an invigorating quality to the blend. In Ayurvedic medicine, cardamom enlivens the heart and refreshes the senses. 

    Sweet orange

    Elevating. Comforting. Familiar. 

    Supports an uplifted, happy mood and brings a smile to your face. It brings a playful, fruity, and comforting element to the blend. 


    Freshens the air and brings that familiar rich, warm scent to the blend.*

    *Due to the clove oil in this blend, do not use this mist applied directly to the skin. You can mist your clothes or mist the air, but it’s not meant to be used as a facial mist. Patch test before use. 


    Liberally mist throughout your space and on your clothing and linens to ground into and celebrate the season. Reapply as needed. Do not apply directly to face.


    Pure Distilled Water, Ginger Oil*, Cardamom Oil*, Sweet Orange Oil*, Clove Oil

    2 oz mist bottle

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