Best Sellers Discovery Trial Set

Best Sellers Discovery Trial Set

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Refresh and nourish your beautiful skin with Lagom Body Co.'s Best Sellers Discovery Trial Set.

Perfect for gifting or trying the line before committing to larger sizes.

The Best Sellers Discovery Trial Set comes inside a small cotton muslin bag with a drawstring top, Ritual guidance & how to use instructions, and mini sizes of our herbalist-formulated facial care: 

Seatide Daily Cleanser

(7 ml)

  • Balm texture gently cleanses
  • Dissolves makeup, sunscreen, and impurities
  • Protects your skin’s delicate barrier
  • Nurtures and restores the skin

Wild Earth Facial Oil

(3.5 ml)

  • Filled with medicinal plants known to restore, regenerate, rejuvenate, stimulate, tone, and balance the skin
  • Balances and supports the skins' proper hydration
  • Tones, tightens, and firms

Meadow Rose Restore Cream

(7 ml)

  • Lightweight botanical hydration
  • Softens, balances, and tones
  • Revitalizes and restores

The Best Sellers Facial Set Ritual

Cleanse with Seatide Daily Cleanser. Follow with Wild Earth Facial Oil and end with a layer of Meadow Rose Restore Cream. Or, combine 2-3 drops of Wild Earth Facial Oil with about a pea size of Meadow Rose Restore Cream, mix in your palm, and press into your skin. 

Seatide Daily Cleanser can be used morning and/or night. I like to use Wild Earth Facial Oil in the morning along with Meadow Rose Restore Cream, and reserve Seatide Daily Cleanser for my daily evening ritual for a refreshing lymphatic massage, followed by Wild Earth and Meadow Rose. 

Sample packaging may vary, but the sample product amount is always the same.