BALANCING BEAUTY FACIAL KIT | for oily, acneic, and combo skin

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sometimes the skin needs a little extra balancing. the BALANCING BEAUTY facial kit comes with our two products that feature blue yarrow essential oil. both refreshing + balancing, BOHO BLOOM and WILD GLOW work in tandem to calm and balance to uncover clear skin. 


BOHO BLOOM facial oil | 1 oz clear bottle with dropper

boho bloom balances skin that tends to be more oily or problematic, delivering nutrients deep down + firming up the skin. blue yarrow essential oil is the focus of this facial oil + will help calm irritated skin. 

WILD GLOW facial tonic | 2 oz frosted bottle with mister

wild glow facial tonic is a refreshing, balancing + toning mist that calms irritated skin. this mist can be applied liberally to the face and neck or sprayed into a cotton ball + wiped gently across the face. always shake gently to disburse the oils, then spritz.

So excited for day 1 of treating myself with #lagomlove. I used both of these little beauties less than 5 minutes ago - my skin already feels better, the scents immediately relaxed me, and the whole process has set me in a better mood to start the day. Thanks lagom body co. for sharing your magic with me! - alexandra