Digital seasonal gatherings with
holistic herbalist, vitalist + Lagom Body Co. founder
Kristen Runvik

Find support for your biggest, wildest dreams and the day-to-day on your journey to get there through intentional practices using flowers, plants, and your innate creative power.


NOURISHED: Women's Fall Whole Body Wellness Workshop

Discover how to support your body + skin + spirit during shifting seasons with holistic herbalist, Kristen Runvik. This 90-minute pre-recorded call is available now for you.


Join me for a class on a whole body wellness approach to seasonal shifts. Learn more about supporting your skin, body, and spirit during shifting seasons during a 90-minute online class with me! 

This 90-minute teaching includes:

🍃 How to adjust your skincare ritual for shifting seasons
🍃 Seasonal plants to support your immune system and naturally ward off colds and flus
🍃 What plants, tinctures, teas, food, and supplements to include during fall whole-body wellness
🍃 Recommended at-home skincare practices for connecting with and being at home in your body
🍃 How to set intentions for the remainder of the year, with time for creative writing prompts to start the process

    Once you purchase the class below, I'll send you the recording within one business day. 


    Kind Words

    "I took copious notes during this workshop and would definitely love to do it at the start of every season. What I loved most was that instead of information overload, we were taught the essentials needed to have a nourished and healthy fall.

    I started making fresh ginger tea immediately and taking elderberry. I traveled a bit this season and I usually feel under the weather after taking a flight. This time around, I didn't feel that way and I really owe it to the preventative steps I took.

    In addition to the new foods introduced, I did the releasing exercise which freed me up to experience more of the things I want. This is something I've always done, but the reminder and tying it to the season we're in, helped me set really clear intentions for what I wanted during the next 3 months.

    This is a great class for everyone to take at the beginning of each season. Mother nature provides exactly what we need, and Kristen has a wonderful way of translating those things into easy actionable steps. I love!!" -- Jenysha