Collective gatherings with
holistic herbalist + artist + founder
Kristen Runvik

Find support for your biggest, wildest dreams and the day-to-day on your journey to get there through intentional practices using flowers, plants, and your innate creativity.



Discover how to support your body + skin + spirit during shifting seasons with holistic herbalist, Kristen Runvik.


Join me for a class on a whole body wellness approach to seasonal shifts. Learn more about supporting your skin, body, and spirit during shifting seasons during a 90-minute online class with me! 

This 90-minute teaching includes:
🍃 How to adjust your skincare ritual for shifting seasons
🍃 Seasonal plants to support your immune system and naturally ward off colds and flus
🍃 What plants, tinctures, teas, food, and supplements to include during fall whole-body wellness
🍃 Recommended at-home skincare practices for connecting with and being at home in your body
🍃 How to set intentions for the remainder of the year, with time for creative writing prompts to start the process

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    Kind Words

    "Let me pause and acknowledge you and what you are giving me. Not just the wondermap, but yourself, your helpful attitude, your encouraging words, and the positive energy you are putting on board my enterprise.

    I am feeling very grateful and frankly wowed by your talent at coaching and encouraging me because I really, really need it. I tend to get ungrounded, and scatterbrained, and procrastinate.

    But with your help, I KNOW I am going to get my business launched, and that is really huge for me. So Thank You, from the bottom of my big ole heart...thanks for doing what you are doing. It is making an incalculable difference to me." -- Jessie

    "If it wasn’t for you, I probably wouldn’t have decided to go to NYC or decide to live there for 3 months this summer. You really inspired me to get moving, so that in and of itself is an incredible gift that you’ve got." -- Lana

    "You have this amazing gift to get people to take action. You see things that others can't see. You know a lot people from different fields. You are amazing." -- Zebastian