Join the Wild Bloom Loyalty Program to start earning today.


I'm excited to share that our Wild Bloom Rewards Program is now available. What is the Wild Bloom Rewards program? Essentially it's a rewards system that awards you Petals for different activities. You can then use those Petals to save on your orders in the future. You can also earn $5 towards future Lagom Body Co. orders for every person that you refer using a special link.

I created this program because I wanted a way to say thank you for your ongoing support. Without you, Lagom Body Co. wouldn't exist. And one of my goals for this year is to double our growth so that we can continue to make this a sustainable operation that can carry through into the future. If all goes well with the program, I'll continue to add more ways to earn Petals!

Here's how you can earn Petals

  • 100 Petals: Signing up for your account
  • 5 Petals per $1 spent at + in-person for local customers (just be sure to sign up for an account so your Petals accrue!)

How to spend Petals

  • 1,000 Petals: $10 off coupon
  • 2,000 Petals: $20 off coupon
Wild Bloom Referral Program
Our Referral Program operates a tad different because you don't earn Petals. Instead, you earn $5 per referral to use towards your future Lagom Body Co. purchases. When you refer someone new, they get 10% off their first order of $50+. It's a win-win! 

Participating in the referral program is one of the best ways to help Lagom Body Co. reach those looking for a more natural way of being in the world and save on your skincare ritual to boot. 

Sign up for your reward and referral account today
The Reward and Referral program operate from the same place within your Lagom Body Co. account. Sign up for your account by clicking here, then navigate to the Wild Bloom Loyalty Rewards button at the bottom right to start earning Petals today. All new accounts receive 100 Petals just for creating an account.