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Quarantine Wellness and Self-Care Series

“Those who contemplate the beauty of the earth find reserves of strength that will endure as long as life lasts. There is something infinitely healing in the repeated refrains of nature—the assurance that dawn comes after night, and spring after winter.”― Rachel Carson

Quarantine Wellness and Self-Care Email Series Promo Image with image of cozy bedroom with many house plants and a beautiful view of a forest

Now more than ever we need the tonic of nature to bring a sense of daily wellness, peace, and beauty into our lives. But how do we stay connected with nature when we're indoors? 

In my Quarantine Wellness and Self-Care email series, my goal is to offer holistic support and guidance on deepening your relationship with the earth. By tapping into seasonal shifts happening in front of our eyes and acting accordingly, we support our overall resilience while boosting our sense of well-being.

When things don't feel well in the world, we can take our power back and feel well in our bodies by connecting with nature.

In additional to seasonal support and nature-centric rituals, you'll receive weekly guidance on: 

  • quarantine wellness and self-care rituals
  • organic recipes for home, body, and health
  • botanical kitchen magic
  • herbal allies for the current situation
  • nature-based practices

This free email series is there to support your mind, body, and spirit during this difficult time and inspire you to create new routines and rituals to live better now and after quarantine is long over.

What you need

You don't need anything special so don't worry about adding another task to your list. I know stuff feels harder than normal right now so this series is meant to inspire healthy action in the direction of empowerment with nature at the center without needing to buy anything.

Led by Kristen Runvik

Kristen Runvik | Lagom Body Co. Founder and Herbalist

Kristen Runvik is a holistic herbalist, vitalist, permaculture newbie, and writer. She is passionate about connecting people back to nature every day for overall resilience, happiness, and joy. She is a graduate of Vital Ways School of Holistic Herbalism in Portland, Oregon, founder of Lagom Body Co., and seasonal self-care educator and coach.

Quarantine Wellness and Self-Care: A Free Email Series by Lagom Body Co. Graphic with a cozy bedroom with many houseplants and a large window view of the ofrest