Life in Bloom: Spring

Life in Bloom: May 2018

Awaken to your radiance using the power of spring medicine.

Join me for this 3-week online transformational workshop to feel in flow with life during this spring's time of transition and awakening, beginning May 8, 2018🌸Taught by clinical holistic herbalist-in-training and founder of Lagom Body Co, Kristen Runvik.

Are you feeling like you need some extra energy and oomph for life right now? Maybe you're feeling a little frustrated or disappointed... and like you're at a turning point. 

Maybe your job isn't as fulfilling as you thought it'd be. You've worked in your career for years now -- and, honestly, you wonder if it's the path for you. You're tired of the same old every day: The 9-5. The commute. The office politics. Ugh.

If it's not your job, you might question your relationships -- familial, friends, and romantic. You might ponder if the tribe you surround yourself with is elevating you to your highest good and highest potential. You might even question what your highest potential is...  

On top of all that, you may even face challenges with your health: your relationship with your skin isn't great. You're frustrated with the extra weight. You're tired of being tired all the time.

Yet deep inside of you is a voice telling you it's time: it's time to break free of your old routines, rituals, and habits to uncover the creative, vibrant, healthy, and happiest version of you. 

You're past the shoulds and you're entering the doorway to a new way of living where you are the creator. You call the shots. You have the choice about how you create your life moving forward. Will you take that first step?

That's all it takes: just one small step followed by another one. That's how true change is made -- and it's in your power to make the choice to cultivate, nourish, and tend to the life you deserve. You have a choice -- you always have. It's time to live in full bloom.

What is life in bloom?

It's when...

  • You make choices based on your internal compass rather than succumbing to the "shoulds" of society (no matter how hard it feels to carve your own path.)
  • You feel connected to your innate sense of self and the beauty of the natural world
  • You create meaningful moments of self-love + self-care in your everyday life
  • You learn (or relearn) to respond to life instead of reacting to it
  • You ground yourself and find peace, despite external factors

To lead you on this journey, I'll introduce you to some of my favorite spring plant medicine to help you reawaken to your inner power. I'll teach my tactics for slowing down, moving gently, and inviting in radical self-care using the power of herbal skincare + infusions. 


The first week, we'll cover the plants and topics below:

  • Encouraging lymph movement, calming the nervous system and restful sleep with spring plants and wild edibles 
  • Stoking the digestive fire with bitters 
  • Approaching seasonal allergies with holistic herbalism
  • Making a safe, mineral-rich herbal infusion + spring vinegar
  • Sourcing herbs and wild edibles


The second week, we'll cover the topics below:

  • Finding gentle movement that feels good
  • Simple ways to eat seasonally
  • Understanding skin health as a part of whole-body health
  • Making plant- and flower-based skincare recipes at home, including a detoxing + nourishing mask, a gentle exfoliating scrub, and bath salts 


The third week, we'll cover the topics below:

  • Shifting + creating life by setting intentions
  • How to start looking inward for answers again
  • The power of saying no... + tips for developing healthy boundaries
  • Eating well as a form of self-love + vitality
  • Developing daily personal rituals for deeper connection to self
  • Taking care of your sleep cycle and tips for proper sleep hygiene

Life in Bloom Includes

〰️ Three digital books, full of practical and beautiful guidance on seasonal herbal medicine for any level of experience, journal prompts for self-reflection, and recipes for vital health. Easy to download and print.

〰️ Herbal Resource Guide + Welcome Kit: A hand-picked list of trusted sources and books for your journey as well as a welcome kit to orient you around our topics of exploration.

〰️ Three Bonus Calls + Content: Learn from experienced teachers, healers, and educators via live bonus calls and content.

〰️ 10% off all Lagom products: Save off any Lagom skincare product(s) to support you on your journey anytime between when you enroll and the end of May.

〰️ Lifetime access to all the materials and to the Facebook group


〰️ This journey begins on May 8th and ends on May 29th

〰️ Once you reserve your seat with payment, I'll send you the Welcome Kit and the Herbal Resource Guide

〰️ A few days prior to the start date, I'll welcome you to the Life in Bloom Facebook group

〰️ Every lesson is sent out on Tuesday mornings at 5 am Pacific time


Every week, I'll send you an email with the lesson for that week. Lessons are in digital file form so you can view directly on your laptop or phone -- or you can download and print the guides so you can go screen free. Once you download the files, they are yours forever. 

We'll be working through the lessons together in the sense that everyone receives the lessons on the same day but you can work at the pace that feels right for you.

Because of the digital format, refunds nor sharing of the content with non-paying members is permitted. Please respect the energy that it takes to participate fully and to create this experience.


To make herbal infusions, I recommend finding nettle and red clover from a local apothecary or a local medicinal herb farm ahead of time. If that’s not accessible to you, Mountain Rose Herbs is a great place to source herbs from in bulk. You'll want loose leaf, bulk, whole plant herbs and not the manufactured tea bag tea.

We'll also work with some common kitchen herbs like garlic, ginger, and basil so keep those around if possible.

You’ll also want a journal and pen to work through the class and jot down any ideas and themes that come up for you as you work through it. If you use the medicine of tarot or oracle cards, collect those. Start cultivating your ritual space before we begin so you start to signal to your brain that it's time for life changes.

Who is this course for?

Anyone who wants to deeply know themselves. 

Anyone willing to do the work and make the changes.

Anyone who wants to reconnect with themselves and the earth. 

Anyone who wants to explore their relationship to mind, body, and spirit.

Anyone who wants to further their understanding of the medicine of the shifting seasons.

Anyone who's willing to examine their beliefs and their habits with a beautifully supportive community of women -- and who isn't afraid to face the darkness.

Do I need to understand plants and herbs or be an herbalist?

Nope! I created this journey as a way for you to explore the relationship between yourself and the seasons -- and to bring your life back into balance using the power of plants. That being said, you don't need to be an herbalist or know a ton about plants to learn from them during this course.

What's the time commitment for Life in Bloom?

I recommend putting aside 2-3 hours per week for reading through the content and additional time for journaling and connecting with the online group. 

Those dates don't work for me. What should I do?

To ensure that you and other participants get the most out of the experience, please only sign up for a time when you can truly commit the head + heart space for the journey. 

Any other questions? Email me at


Hi, I'm Kristen Runvik! I'm a clinical herbalist-in-training and the founder of Lagom Body Co. I've always had this thing for flowers and wild plants from growing up in the Midwest prairies and forests. Lagom Body Co. is simply an extension of my passion for plant medicine and living well + with intention, that I learned from growing up so close to the natural world.

In 2016, I launched my first flower-based facial care line after months of studying plants and perfecting formulas with a group of women, passionate about clean beauty.

That year, I also studied under Rosemary Gladstar through her home study program. I knew I wanted more hands-on experience, so I joined as a student of Portland Herbal School in 2017, and in 2018, I officially started my clinical training. 

Ultimately, my passion is to bring women back into balance with their radiant selves so they can feel their absolute best in mind, body, and spirit. I believe we're all so much more capable of what we desire but life happens and sometimes we lose our way. I work to gently align clients with their inner compass and optimize their health so they can achieve all the amazing things they know, deep within, that they can do. No more putting it off... the time is now and you are ready!

Bringing the body back into balance and cultivating a creative mindset that always sees opportunities is what makes magic happen. Because knowledge is power, I'm insanely grateful to share what I know about plant medicine in practical, everyday uses for the modern woman. 

Claim your creative mind.

Bring your body into balance.

Experience life in bloom.