Hydrating Trio For Dry + Normal + Mature Skin

Hydrating Trio — For Dry, Normal, and Mature Skin

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Please note that all facial serums are now housed in frosted dropper bottles.

Treat yourself to this powerhouse trio to replenish, balance, and hydrate dry skin. 

This kit includes one normal size of each product below.

Flower Bud Facial Serum 

Flower Bud Facial Serum features two herbal-infused oils that I make in-house. I add organic calendula flowers and pink rose petals to organic sweet almond oil and organic golden jojoba oil. This botanical blend sits for two weeks, then I strain out the flowers for a soothing, anti-inflammatory, and nourishing blend. This facial serum is balanced out with organic skin-loving argan oil for extra moisture 

Wild Heart Facial Toner

Wild Heart Facial Toner is your new best friend for rehydration. I blend rose flower water (yum!) with aloe juice for a simple and powerful botanical blend to address dry skin. If you run into dry and combo, Wild Heart works beautifully for this too.

Hydrate Coconut Powder + Petal Mask

The Hydrate Mask is a favorite among customers with dry skin for it's nourishing, emollient, and soothing properties. This mask features only 4 ingredients: white clay, coconut powder, pink rose petal and chamomile flower powder. Plus, it smells amazing! Mix with your choice of liquid for a DIY facial. I like to use rose water or honey (or sometimes both!)

We create our high-quality plant-powered products based on herbal traditions for modern day living. All our products are formulated by holistic herbalist Kristen Runvik and are crafted in tiny handmade batches. Our products are made fresh weekly so that you can enjoy simply beautiful and effective skincare. Made without parabens, petrochemicals, phthalates, sulfates, synthetic colors, dyes, or artificial fragrances. Earth-friendly from day one, vegetarian, and never, ever tested on animals.