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Complete Daily Ritual Method Set

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Bless your skin with the Complete Lagom Body Co. Daily Ritual Method Collection. This plant-filled skincare routine comes ready with all the products you need to transform your daily routine into a healthy and holistic ritual. Perfect for gifting yourself or a loved one. 

Every Complete Daily Ritual Method Set includes: 

Full Moon Cleansing Balm 

  • Full Moon Cleansing Balm offers deep cleansing, nourishing, and hydrating without disrupting the delicate acid mantle. This cleansing balm not only moisturizes the skin but also offers protective properties for strengthening the skin with consistent use. 

Flower Bud Oil Serum

  • Flower Bud Oil Serum revitalizes, strengthens, and softens, allowing for the skin to naturally glow. Cold-pressed oils make up a restorative, strengthening, clearing and firming treatment for all skin types. With consistent use, expect soft, glowing skin.

Wild Glow Hydrating Toner

  • Wild Glow Hydrating Toner gently nourishes and hydrates all skin types with the help of organic hydrosols, sodium PCA, and glycerine. Not only does it hydrate your skin but it soothes stressed out skin while deeply hydrating to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Nirvana Daily Restore Cream

  • A deeply rejuvenating, hydrating, and renewing moisturizer for every day and every adventure. Organic hydrosols, cold-pressed oils, and sea buckthorn C02 blend together for non-greasy daily moisturization that gives your skin a healthy glow and gently supports the skin against wrinkles and fine lines.

Nectar Softening + Moisturizing Body Oil

  • Nectar Body Oil provides softening, hydrating, and nourishment to the whole body. This delightful blend of cold-pressed oils feed the skin from head-to-toe. Perfect for your post-shower and post-sun self-care, Nectar Body Oil sinks into the skin immediately, leaving behind a silky smooth feel and a light scent of citrus and wood.

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