The Lagom Daily Ritual Method

Naturally support your skin's optimal barrier health and simplify your daily life with the Lagom Daily Ritual Method.

By incorporating skincare abundant in essential fatty acids, botanicals, and hydrosols, you are actively and holistically treating your skin well - just like you already do with your whole mind/body health. Follow the Lagom Daily Ritual Method through the seasons and experience a natural glow over time as your skin clears, strengthens, and softens.

"The products feel amazing on my skin. And I love the scents. Oh my gosh - what a treat to be using products that smells really good with no hint of a chemical smell. I feel like I am holding my breath waiting to breakout but so far so good. Thank you for making wonderful, unique, spa-quality products that make me look forward to my am and pm routine!" ~ Deb Anderson

Lagom Daily Ritual Method


Cleanse morning and night by using just a pea size of your Full Moon Cleansing Balm. Massage into your skin then add a few drops of water to transform the balm into a milky cleanser. Continue massaging into your skin, focusing on congested or devitalized areas. If your skin tends towards dry or reactive, save this ritual for the evening and follow ritual two below in the morning and then do ritual one and two in the evening.


Follow cleansing day and night with Wild Glow Clarifying Toner and your oil serum of choice. Add 3-5 drops of oil serum to your palm and 3-5 spritz of your botanical toner. Blend them together in your hands and gently press into your face. If you need additional nightly moisture, add another layer of oil serum using just a couple drops. Add any oil to your skin along with some water or toner or just post cleansing for optimal absorption. 

You can also use a small amount of Nirvana Daily Face Cream with a couple drops of oil serum for a nightly treatment (my favorite, especially as seasons shift.) Don't forget to love up on your body with a little bit of Nectar Body Oil applied to damp skin.

Create a haven for your skin health every day.

Begin your journey with our Lagom Daily Ritual Method. 

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Prefer to customize your ritual? 

Choose your cleanser: Start with our Full Moon Cleansing Balm or Cleansing Dew Oil Cleanser.

Add in Wild Glow Clarifying Toner.

Choose your oil serum: Flower Bud, Boho Bloom, or Golden Om Oil Serum

Round out your ritual with ultra hydration via Nirvana Daily Restore Face Cream and whole body moisturization with the divine and best-selling Nectar Body Oil.

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