Wisteria Meditation Anointing Balm

Wisteria Meditation Anointing Balm

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As some of you saw, I created a wisteria enfleurage during late spring/early summer here in the Pacific Northwest. I used hundreds of wisteria blooms to create a lightly scented infused oil with the delicate sweet apple/lilac scent of the wisteria. 

I carefully collected hundred of blossoms and removed all the stamens + leaves so that all that remained was the flower. Then, I placed the flower face down in organic babassu oil and replaced the blooms 3-4 times over the course of a week. 

My invitation to you with this product is to integrate it into your yoga or meditation practice as an anchor for the beginning and end of your ritual. 

Wisteria medicine helps you come into the moment. It allows you to heal and release the past so that you can be here now. It encourages you to soften around the edges. To uncover and unfold your playful, sweet self. Wisteria encourages a healthy relationship to the self, the body, and the here-and-now grounded reality.

To use in your meditation or yoga ritual, open the jar and inhale the sweet scent. Take a small dab of the anointing balm to mark the beginning and end of your meditation or yoga practice; to establish a ritual of beginning and end. Consider the energy and the personality of wisteria and incorporate that into your meditation and yoga ritual.

This is also safe to use as a facial balm. To use as such, combine with a few spritz of water or toner. Mix in your hand and massage into your skin.

I invite you to consider this as more of energetic support for your meditation practice and self-care ritual than a fragrant perfume balm. Wisteria's scent is incredibly hard to capture in the time you have while the plant is fully in bloom. Because of this, my enfleurage is soft, sweetly floral, and extremely delicate. 

Important Note: Babassu is extremely heat sensitive. I've blended this annointing balm with candelilla wax to solidify the balm but it's best to always keep this in a cool, dark place. Near your altar or your yoga mat is perfect.

Size: 0.25 oz/7 ml 

Ingredients: Wisteria Enfleurage with organic babassu oil, shea butter