The Magic of Shifting Seasons

The Magic of Shifting Seasons

Hello loves,

We're already in August when it felt like we were setting New Year's Intentions not too long ago. That's life. It comes in seasons, shifts, and speeds. Summer tends to push us into overdrive: everything is flowering, berries are ripening, the sun is hanging out high in the sky, and we're feeling in love with life. 

Summer is the time when I feel most at flow with life. I love the heat and the sunshine. Being a Leo baby and born at the end of July, summer is full of fond memories. And, I love that everyone is out and about, traveling, enjoying life, and hanging out in nature. The Pacific Northwest is covered in blackberries, raspberries, and huckleberries. Our dahlias are forever blooming in the summer sun, reaching towards the sky.

That's just one season of life: at its peak, its full vibrancy, expressing, opening.

And just like nature, life has seasons.

Most everyone I've talked to in the last month or so confides that this is a time of deep change. Uncertainty. Confusion. All our "stuff" is out to play... and it's up to us to organize it.

Mercury's been in retrograde the last half of the summer, ruling communication, technology woes, and so much more -- most of all, requiring us to cover old ground in an effort to pick up on those missed messages and missed lessons from earlier in life. And eclipses wove their energy through the last few weeks, unraveling and uncovering everything in its way.

What I love about the earthly and cosmic happenings is that they help us make sense of our life.

As we tap more and more into what's going on around us -- in nature and in the cosmos -- it puts things in perspective. It takes us out of our monkey mind.

It invites us to slow down and listen a little bit more.

To our own intuitive knowing.

To our bodies.

To our minds.

To our lives.

To our dreams. 

What do they want to see play out?

Autumn is just around the corner. And with that comes a new season with new energy, new goals to set, and new ways to work with the happenings of the earth. In order for us to welcome in this new chapter, we must be able to embrace the season for what it brings us.

As a holistic herbalist, I look at seasons as a guiding post to my life's rituals.

Autumn is a beautiful time for boosting the immune system. It's a time to nurture my body. It's a time to slow down a little bit in the mind, balancing out from the roaring energy of summer. It's a time to nourish my skin and make time to just be with the body.

I'd love to share more about how to embrace the shifting energy of summer into fall. This is a recorded online workshop where I share some of my favorites around herbs, vital health, nutrition, and so much more. 

In this 90-minute teaching, I cover:

  • How living seasonally improves our wellness and well-being
  • How to nourish and detox the skin for a brighter glow
  • Fall skincare suggestions for all skin types + simple adjustments to make to your ritual 
  • How to perform a self-massage with an herbal body oil
  • Practical and simple ways to boost your immune system
  • Other plant- and earth-based recipes to support your body during fall
  • Finding a creative + intentional ritual that works for you 
  • Working with plants during heart-based meditations to connect with your higher self
  • Creative prompts to uncover your dreams and set intentions for the rest of the year

Click here to sign up for the class and I will send you the recording and guide within one business day.



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