The Lagom Daily Ritual Method

Full Daily Ritual Method with Nectar Body Oil, Wild Glow Toner, Golden Om Oil Serum, Flower Bud Oil Serum, Nirvana Cream, and Full Moon Cleansing Balm

I designed the Lagom Daily Ritual Method so that you can naturally support your skin's optimal barrier health, simplify your daily life, and connect with nature every day with holistic skincare. 

The Lagom Daily Ritual Method includes our five top-selling products that are designed to be used together on a daily basis. In fact, this ritual is based on what I've seen Lagom customers purchase over and over consistently so this ritual is really in thanks to YOU! 

By incorporating skincare abundant in high quality, cold-pressed oils brimming with essential fatty acids and vibrant hydrosols and medicinal herbs sourced from small farms, you are actively and holistically treating your skin well - just like you already do with your whole mind/body health.

When used through the seasons, the Lagom Daily Ritual Method encourages the healthy functioning of the skin resulting in more supple, healthy, hydrated, glowing skin and less breakouts, less redness, less visible wrinkles, and less itchy, flaky patches.

The Lagom Daily Ritual Method

Step One: Cleanse and Massage

Cleanse morning and night by using just a pea size of Full Moon Cleansing Balm. Massage into your skin then add a few drops of water to transform the balm into a milky, non-stripping, non-foaming cleanser. 

Continue to massage into your skin, focusing on congested, puffy, and devitalized areas. If your skin tends towards dry or reactive, save this ritual for the evening only and start your daily ritual with step two in the morning. Then, follow step one and two in the evening.

Full Moon Cleansing Balm on pink background

Step Two: Hydrate, Moisturize, and Protect

Follow cleansing day and night with Wild Glow Clarifying Toner and your oil serum of choice. Spritz 2-3 times of Wild Glow into your palm, then add 3-4 drops of Flower Bud Oil Serum. Rub your palms together to create a micro-emulsion, then massage into your skin.

This step can also be replaced with Nirvana Daily Restore Face Cream. During seasons that are more intense and require additional hydrating and protecting, I recommend using Nirvana along with a few extra drops of oil serum day and night.

Complete any post-shower ritual with Nectar Body Oil. Before toweling off, add 1-2 pumps to your palms and massage into wet/damp skin. 

Full Daily Ritual Method with Nectar Body Oil, Wild Glow Toner, Golden Om Oil Serum, Flower Bud Oil Serum, Nirvana Cream, and Full Moon Cleansing Balm

Create a haven for your skin health every day and begin your journey with the Lagom Daily Ritual Method. Purchase the full set here. 

Prefer to customize your ritual? 

You have options! 

Choose your cleanser: Start with our Full Moon Cleansing Balm or Cleansing Dew Oil Cleanser.

Add in Wild Glow Clarifying Toner.

Choose your oil serum: Flower Bud, Boho Bloom, or Golden Om Oil Serum

Round out your ritual with ultra hydration via Nirvana Daily Restore Face Cream and whole body moisturization with the divine and best-selling Nectar Body Oil.


Feel free to reach out! I'm happy to help.

To your skin's health,


Kristen Runvik, founder of Lagom Body Co.

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