Support Your Immune System with Dry Body Brushing

We are all seeking ways to support our immunity through these times so I wanted to talk about dry body brushing. If you haven't used a dry body brush in your skin and body routines, now is a great time to start!⁠

Dry body brushing is a routine that you implement a few times a week to exfoliate the skin as well as stimulate the lymphatic system. Unlike blood, which is pumped through the body by the heart, lymph fluid only moves through movement and exercise—or through activities like dry brushing or massage. ⁠

By stimulating the lymphatic system that lies just under our precious skin, you support the flow of lymph fluid which carries toxins, bacteria, and other waste materials out thus keeping your lymphatic system clear to support your immune function by fighting infections and removing waste materials from your body, among many other essential functions.

It's clear that supporting your lymphatic system is incredibly important so why not give it an extra boost while you're quarantined to not only support your lymph system but also your skin with dry brushing. 

Not only does it keep your lymph flowing strong but it simply feels good. It nourishes our nervous system, lowers our stress, and it connects us to our bodies. All very good things.⁠

Here's how to dry brush to support your immune system

  1. Start with the proper brush with soft + natural bristles (it should feel good!) and a long handle for harder to reach areas. I like a brush with a removable handle, like this one
  2. Before hopping in the shower, brush your dry skin starting with your feet, then legs, torso, arms, and chest. Stroke towards your heart to encourage lymph movement towards the heart. Be gentle near and around sensitive skin. Always avoid broken or injured skin. ⁠
  3. Once you've covered every area of your body (skip your face!), get in a warm shower and bathe as usual. ⁠
  4. Post-shower, apply our customer favorite body oil, Nectar, for softening and hydrating your skin.

Is dry body brushing a part of your quarantine self-care ritual? ⁠

Support Your Immune System with Dry Body Brushing by Lagom Body Co. Pinterest Promo

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