Mindful Spring Skincare and Seasonal Self-Care Guide

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The earth is alive and shifting with the seasons—and we, too, live amongst those rhythms and flows. As spring returns, once again, we have the opportunity to care for our skin and self with simple shifts in our personal care and daily rituals that connect us deeper to the earth and to ourselves. 

As a holistic herbalist, I am acutely attuned to the shifting elements of the seasons. As we shift from winter to spring, the earth warms, the water flows, and early spring greens and flowers abound—nettle, violet, chickweed, dandelion sprout and bloom, signaling that spring is on its way and, eventually, that it is here. 

We can take some simple seasonal inspiration from the earth to implement into our lives. I have found that integrating my personal routines and my life to the seasons brings a sense of peace, joy, and brightness to my daily life. Learning the way the earth speaks through the seasons and watching for changes is eye and heart opening. 

There are a number of things we can do in springtime to support our skin and our whole self. 

Now is a great time to detox and eat lighter foods after a season of heavier foods.

Integrate more water, mineral rich infusions (like my beauty tea recipe), leafy greens, citrus, and fresh herbs to your day. Salads topped with fresh herbs and a cup of tea, orange slices or a smoothie, and lots of fresh water help to keep your body running efficiently and happily. 

Consider adding in more seeds, sprouts, and leafy greens to your diet during spring to support liver health and to assist your body in breaking down and flushing out hormones and dietary fats that sometimes lead to breakouts. This is actually a good practice all year round but is particularly connected to spring.

Get outside every day, despite the weather.

Spring is notorious for winds, blustery weather, the occasional late snow storm, and rain. Allow for the weather to be as it is and accept it. People complain too much about the weather, no matter the season, rather than accepting it for what it is. Dress for the weather, get outside, and see how your perspective shifts! And fresh spring air is so good for the lungs and whole body health. 

Shift your skincare to suit your spring lifestyle.

For me, I get outside for longer periods of time during spring—especially on those 60 and 70 degree days. Prepare your skin for the effects of more sun and wind. In spring, focus on supporting, massaging, destagnating, protecting, and brightening the skin. 

I find that after a long winter, my skin is relatively dull compared to spring and summer. Cleanse daily with Full Moon Cleansing Balm or Clarifying Cleansing Dew and gently massage it into your skin. The massage effect brings blood flow to the skin and destagnates lymph which helps to brighten, plump, and depuff. 

Because we're exposed to more light in spring—and more and more every day as we approach summer—a restorative oil serum is essential. My go-to for all skin types is Flower Bud Oil Serum as a nightly restorative practice. It's filled with oils that offer up all essential fatty acids in addition to omega 7 from sea buckthorn oil. This results in anti-inflammatory, protective, and free radical scavenging action. To get these benefits, apply Flower Bud Oil Serum to skin post cleansing at night with a few spritz of Wild Glow Hydrating Toner.

In your morning routine, use a few spritz of Wild Glow Hydrating Toner with Flower Bud Oil Serum for dry/mature skin (essential oil free), Boho Bloom for hormonal/acneic/break-out prone skin, and Golden Om for maintenance for normal/dry/combo skin and aromatherapeutic elements of citrus and floral notes. Follow with sunscreen and makeup as the final step of your morning skincare ritual.

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Kristen Runvik

Founder + Maker

Lagom Body Co.

Kristen Runvik, Founder and Maker of Lagom Body Co.

Spring Skin and Seasonal Self-Care Tips by Lagom Body Co.

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