Simple Ways To Bring Nature And Peace Into Your Life During Quarantine

Simple Ways to Bring Nature and Peace Into Your Life During Quarantine Promo

Just because we're social distancing from other people doesn't mean we need to social distance from nature. And thank goodness for that! Spending time in nature offers an element of peace, rejuvenation, and beauty and it's literally just outside your door. 

The most simple way to connect with nature and bring an element of peace into your life is by making space and time for it—and getting creative if you have to. Here are some ways I'm connecting with nature right now.

Taking a walk

Taking a walk is one of the best ways to connect with your surroundings. I love taking afternoon walks after dinner—it's crazy just how much the area is in bloom. Cherry trees, forsythia, tulips, daffodils, crocus... it's also a fun opportunity to see what others are growing in their yards, saying hello to neighbors (from a distance!), and getting fresh air.

Sitting in the sunshine

Sunshine is medicine by not only providing vitamin D but also a sense of warmth and protection. When sunny days come your way, make an effort to sit in the sunny spots in your house or—bonus!—take a walk when it's nice and sunny.


Earthing is simply the practice of connecting your bare feet to the earth. Don't you just feel amazing and grounded after a day at the beach? Not only are you getting sun but you're also sharing your energy with the earth. I find that the beach is the best place to do this but also in soil or on the grass works, too. Just be sure to find a spot directly on the earth and not a spot like concrete or a patio.

Bringing nature into your home

Next time you're on a walk, harvest small branches for a spring branch bouquet or harvest a small branch of forsythia. Usually these plants are unwieldy and you can often find them in public areas (and not on someone's property—but if you do come across it on someone's property, be sure to ask the owner first before harvesting.) I love bringing in elements of the season, too—right now, I have a small jar filled with two small forsythia branches. I also found a fallen holly branch that someone cut back during spring landscaping. Fallen wood and bark is another beautiful, earthy element to bring into your home.

Facial massage

Our skin is our nervous system's first defense line and by soothing our skin, we are naturally soothing our nervous system. Right now, this feels like a huge feat yet it's such a simple practice to bring a sense of peace and joy and beauty into your life.

Massage your face using Full Moon Cleansing Balm or one of the LBC oil serums and Wild Glow Hydrating Toner. Simply work in small circles in an upwards motion and spend extra time around your neck, jaw, and forehead—the main places where we hold tension.

Dry body brushing

Dry body brushing is such a simple pre-shower practice that has numerous benefits not only for your skin but for your overall health. Frequent dry body brushing exfoliates your skin and it stimulates your lymphatic system. Learn more here about dry body brushing, what kind of brush to use, and how to do this practice.

What are some of the ways that you're bringing nature into your life?

Stay and be well,


Kristen Runvik—Founder and Maker of Lagom Body Co.

Simple Ways to Bring Nature and Peace Into Your Life During Quarantine Pinterest Promo

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