Natural Skincare Mixology Tips For Glowing Skin

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Just like the seasons, our skin goes through changes and shifts, naturally. These changes occur depending on both internal and external factors, including changing temperatures and humidity as well as hormonal shifts, aging, stress, and sleep (or lack thereof.) And while it would be nice if our skin would just cooperate, the reality is that we live within an ecosystem that impacts our bodies much more than we realize!

Fortunately, all skin responds well to hydration and lipids, which is the foundation of the Daily Ritual Method Ritual. I created this skincare ritual based on my own use of my products in my every day life. I like to play and shift the products, depending on my skincare needs, and I've outlined different scenarios below that might help you, too! 

🧪 Scenario One: Dry and dull; might be tight post-cleansing or post-sun/wind/cold.

Massage Full Moon Cleansing Balm into dry skin. Add water to your palms and continue to massage in a circular motion. Rinse with warm water and lightly pat dry.  Combine 3-4 drops of Flower Bud Oil Serum with a pea size of Nirvana Daily Face Cream  in your palm and massage into skin.

If your skin is really stressed out, seal in the moisture with a pea size of Restore Balm, warmed in your palm and massaged into your skin.

🧪 Scenario TwoMoisturized but needs some brightening.

Massage skin with Full Moon Cleansing Balm as normal, taking extra time to massage into skin or use your gua sha tools. Rinse and lightly pat dry. Mist Wild Glow Toner into your palm along with 3-4 drops of Flower Bud Oil Serum. Mix and massage into your skin. 

🧪 Scenario ThreeDry and oily in some spots; might also be tight and uncomfortable.

Massage skin with Full Moon Cleansing Balm as normal, taking extra time to massage into skin. Rinse with warm water, pat dry and follow with a generous mist of Wild Glow Hydrating Toner. Follow by massaging a pea size of Nirvana Daily Restore Cream + a drop or two of Flower Bud Oil Serum into your skin.

🧪 Scenario Four: Stressed AF: inflamed, red, irritated.

Add Full Moon Cleansing Balm to palm with a few drops of water. Mix together to create a milky texture and lightly massage into your skin.  Rinse with warm water and pat dry. Follow by misting Wild Glow Toner and add a pea size amount of Nirvana Daily Restore Cream into skin.

Happy mixing! 



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