How To Create A Nourish List For More Joy, Happiness, And Peace

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How do you nourish yourself? 

When things feel uncertain, uncomfortable, or scary, sometimes the best way we can care for ourselves is through what I like to call a Nourish List. 

A Nourish List is essentially a personalized guide to self-care. I find that when I need to care for my heart, mind, and soul, that sometimes it's the hardest time to come up with what would feel the best for me in that moment. 

That's why I decided to write a Nourish List to refer to on those days when I'm feeling worn out, burnt out, and feel like I have no idea what I need to feel better—and I don't want to fall back into old patterns but instead want to take proactive steps towards healthier ways of being. 

I consider self-care and self-love to be healthy and productive actions that you take for your future self. Without a Nourish List, it's too easy to indulge in unhealthy habits: binge a show on Netflix, drink more alcohol, skip the workout, or engage in negative self-talk.  

My Nourish List includes simple things like:

  • Take a break and drink a glass of water.
  • Take 5 minutes to engage in deep breathing.
  • Choose a workout and hold myself accountable to do it.
  • Eat 3 proper meals at set times. 
  • Take a mindful shower with aromatherapy (sweet orange is a beautiful, uplifting scent.)
  • Make a nourishing infusion with soothing florals, like rose or lavender.
  • Take intentional breaks outside. 
  • Literally do nothing—and be OK with it. 

I've found that deeply sensory and aromatic experiences help bring myself back into the moment, too, which is why I like to bring aromatherapy mists and roll-ons into my daily life as well as simply inhaling essential oils for a little pep. 

Today, I encourage you to take 10 minutes to write down your favorite self-care activities for future self so that the next time you need some nourishment but you don't know what to do, you can simply open that note for simple self-care, created by your past self to nourish you in the present.

Here are some question to get you started:

  • When I'm feeling burned out, what is the first thing I want to do? 
  • What habits bring me to this burned out state in the first place? (Is it my job, a relationship, or from being a "Yes" person?)
  • What are my favorite activities that lower my stress and make me feel grounded and happy? 
  • When I'm feeling stressed, what are some different things I can do to feel better? List everything out that you love to do that nourishes your heart and soul. 

Once you have your list, save it in your phone or journal—and refer back to it when you have those frazzled, burned out days. I promise it will bring a sense of grounding, happiness, and joy back into your life. 

How To Create A Nourish List For More Joy, Happiness, And Peace | Lagom Body Co.

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