Mindful Summer Skincare and Seasonal Self-Care Guide

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Ah, summer! My favorite. As we shift into more heat, sunshine, and outdoor play time, it's an opportunity to hydrate, feed, and protect our skin to keep our skin healthy, supple, and strong with simple but mindful shifts in our personal care and daily rituals that connect us deeper to the earth and to ourselves.

Living within the seasons and being inspired by them is such a simple way to bring a sense of awareness, beauty, and joy into your life. When you are living in tune with the outer changes, you can make meaningful shifts in how you live, too—no more rat race, no more doing the same thing day in and day out—instead, you are connected, again, with the way of the earth and are more open to its lessons.

When you are living in tune with the outer changes, you can make meaningful shifts in how you live, too. You are connected, again, with the way of the earth and are more open to its lessons.

Summer is also the perfect opportunity to feed and nourish the body with nutrient dense, in season produce. I don't know know about you but one of my favorite things to do in the summer is go to the farmers market. The produce is insanely fresh, local, and what's offered is what's in season. Juicy tomatoes, fresh cucumbers, bright herbs like cilantro, parsley, and basil are perfect for boosting your hydration and nutrition throughout the summer.

Here are some of my favorite ways to live it up in the summer, treat my skin right, and embrace seasonal self-care. 

5 Mindful Summer Skincare Tips

Wear SPF, baby!

The sun is more intense than ever in the summer, no matter your location, so a good SPF is important. I like non-nano zinc SPF serums—check out Babo Botanicals, Suntegrity, and Supergoop for mineral sunscreens. If you need extra coverage, wear a cute hat—I love a wide brimmed one. 

Always cleanse at night.

Always cleanse at night to remove sunscreen, dirt, pollution, bacteria, and makeup buildup. Full Moon Cleansing Balm is a great option if you have more dry skin that needs nourishments. Clarifying Cleansing Dew is better if you're more on the oily side. 

Incorporate an antioxidant rich oil serum & hydrating toner.

Follow with an antioxidant-rich oil serum like Flower Bud Revitalizing Oil Serum—filled with skin-loving oils like organic jojoba, sunflower, camellia seed, and sea berry oil and plants like calendula—to support your skin's resistance to UV stress and inflammation.

Use in combo with a hydrating and repairing facial mist like Wild Glow Hydrating Toner featuring aloe juice and sodium PCA for hydration factor, lavender hydrosol for cooling and calming. Using an oil serum (or body oil) on damp skin is essential for deeper penetration and hydration.

Add in a moisturizing cream to your daily ritual.

Use Nirvana Daily Face Cream for a nightly restoring and hydrating treatment—essential for repair post-sun. I like a couple drops of Flower Bud combined with Nirvana on those days when I've been at the beach as a recovery treatment.

Treat your summer skin well with a botanical mask.

Renewal Botanical Mask is my go-to for supporting and feeding summer skin. It is soothing while also naturally brightening up, evening out skin tone, and lightly exfoliating away dead skin cells for a more clear, relaxed complexion.

If I've been in the sun too much and am experiencing a slight burn, I will use the Recovery Botanical Mask, which is safe for use on the entire body. I love using it post-beach on my upper back, shoulders, and chest.

    4 Summer Self-Care Tips

    Embrace the berries of the season. 

    Load up on strawberries, blueberries, huckleberries—whatever is local to you is best—for an antioxidant feast. 'Tis the season! Drizzle high quality chocolate with tahini for a hormone and body nourishing treat. 

    Eat lots of hydrating and in-season fruits and veggies.

    Insoluable fiber feeds prebiotics in the gut and is essential for gut health—bonus, and it also supports healthy skin! Think: cucumber, avocados, tomatoes, and watermelon as your go-to's. 

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    Make space for slowing down.

    Summer is high energy and can sometimes be depleting. Set a reminder for daily quiet moments and rejuvenating movement. I like to start my morning early but slow—tending to the garden, taking a walk, enjoying a cup of coffee while watching the birds zoom by. 

    Prioritize sleep. 

    Summer is one of the seasons where we forgo some of our healthier boundaries when it comes to sleep—but sleep is critical to optimal health so aim for a 10 p.m. bedtime. Of course, sometimes you just can't help it and live it up by staying up late—it happens! Just don't allow for it to become a habit. 

      Enjoy the summer season and all the beauty and bounty is offers. For more seasonal articles and tips, click here. 


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      Mindful Summer Skincare and Seasonal Self-Care Guide by Lagom Body Co.

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