It All Started With A Ladybug: Summer Gratitude

It All Started With A Ladybug: Summer Gratitude By Lagom Body Co.

It all started with a lady bug.

This morning, as I was checking on the garden, I noticed a cute little lady bug on a tomato leaf. Ladybugs are seen as good luck to most—and that applies to the garden as well. It's the mark of a healthy organic garden as ladybugs are often attracted to abundant gardens that are free of pesticides and insecticides and filled with flowers.

I've been noticing them more and more in the garden over the last few weeks and it's been such a delight. Not only that, but also a signal of hope. Of accomplishment. Of gratitude.

You see, this is my very first garden here at our new home. I built the raised beds from scratch during the very beginning of the pandemic—a victory garden, of sorts. I made my own organic soil mix. I wondered how it would go as I planted my tomatoes, peppers, cilantro, calendula, strawberries, and basil.

As the plants began to grow, they were quickly devoured by our local eastern cottontail bunnies. It was frustrating but, ultimately, I didn't mind—in fact, I find them beautiful creatures and enjoy their presence. But, like most gardeners, I didn't want them eating every single plant so I put up a small wire fence around the raised beds.

Thankfully, that kept out both the rabbits, squirrels, and the birds! So the plants continued growing abundantly and the devoured cilantro, parsley, and peppers all made a comeback.

Fast forward to today—August 5—and my garden is filled with tomato plants that are over 6 feet tall and bursting with orange, red, and purple cherry tomatoes and giant light pink heirloom ones. I've harvested all the cilantro and parsley and preserved them for the future (I cannot wait to eat these beautiful herbs in the fall and winter months!) and the hot chili peppers are infusing in olive oil for a spicy kick in recipes... and the jalapenos are still pushing out fruit and some salad greens are growing with ease.

So, yes, today, I'm feeling an immense amount of gratitude—and it all started with a lady bug.

I'm grateful to be alive.

I'm grateful to have the resources to grow an organic garden full of beautiful and nutrient dense foods and herbal medicine for my family.

I'm grateful for cool summer mornings and the sun on my face. I'm grateful for another summer.

I'm grateful for everything the seasons teach.

An Seasonal Invitation

I'd love to invite you, today, to seek out something small that inspires you. Something that feeds your gratitude.

It can be anything: it can be as small as a lady bug or it can be as immense as the universe itself. Take ten minutes to write why you're grateful for that thing—how it makes you feel, what it helps you do, how it strengthens and supports you—and let that guide the rest of your day, your week, or the rest of your year.


Kristen Runvik

Founder + Maker

Kristen Runvik Founder and Maker

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