Herbalist-Formulated vs. Natural Skincare: What's the Difference?

Herbalist-Formulated vs. Natural Skincare: What's the Difference?

There are a multitude of natural skincare lines on the market—and there are many similarities between them and herbalist-formulated skincare lines like Lagom Body Co. So what is the difference?

Read on to learn more.

What does herbalist-formulated skincare have in common with natural skincare?

Here's what herbalist formulated skincare has in common with natural skincare:

  • Only using potent natural botanical ingredients like oils and butters that are unprocessed or very minimally processed; cold-pressed oils and butters wherever possible.
  • Only using organically grown herbs, flowers, and other botanicals inside the formulas.
  • Mindfully incorporating essential oils in formulas to benefit skin health — if used at all (and not promoting them for internal consumption).

At the end of the day, whether we use natural skincare or herbalist formulated skincare, we all want to have naturally beautiful complexions by using products that don't harm our skin—or the planet. That's why ingredient sourcing is incredibly important.

How herbalist-formulated skincare is different from natural skincare

As an herbalist-formulated skincare line, Lagom Body Co. goes further by:

  • Products are handmade from start to finish — no big warehouses or machinery used in the making of our healing skincare. This allows us to have full control over our formulas, packaging, and healing intent.
  • Using nurturing and abundant plant-based butters over animal-derived ingredients like tallow.
  • Growing some of our organic botanicals and crafting our own infused oils in-house with traditional herbal methods.
  • Creating formulas that are rooted in time-tested herbal traditions and using the seasons as our guide.
  • Focusing on supporting overall health and not just topical skin health through education and lifestyle recipes (yum!)
  • Centering our ingredient sourcing on what grows seasonally in our local region—90% of Lagom Body Co. ingredients are sourced from North America to keep things as fresh as possible. This keeps the company's environmental footprint low. While herbalists keep up to date on botanical breakthroughs, we often rely on timeless ingredients that grow locally rather than sourcing exotic ingredients from across the world.
  • Working with local farmers and growers that we actually know to source beautiful botanicals (or request they grow specific botanicals for our formulas!). Our local grower's name is Journey and she is amazing.

Now, there's nothing wrong with natural skincare companies. I sometimes use them in my own natural personal care routine in addition to Lagom Body Co. products.

They have wonderful product formulas that incorporate clean, organic ingredients that I trust.

But what they don't have is the same intention with the plants they work with, or how they process, formulate, and craft their products.

I like to say that herbalist-formulated skincare nourishes not only the skin, but also the heart. Herbalists know the inherent benefits and magic inside the plants we work with, and we are trained to bring our own relationship with plants inside everything we do. You can feel that intention inside our formulas. 

Experience herbalist-formulated and crafted skincare. Explore the full Lagom Body Co. Collection and learn more about our philosophy here.

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