Favorite Fall Things: A Seasonal Lifestyle Guide

The leaves are changing, the light is waning, and chunky sweaters and chai lattés are now the go-tos. As we shift into fall and late fall, we start to desire more cozy, intimate settings and nourishing practices for mind, body and spirit to align ourselves with the season. Here are some of my favorite fall products, books, apps and home goods for a nourishing, intuitive, and healthy fall season. 

cream colored couch with white and terra cotta throw pillows and candle on warm wood table

  • My seasonal Chai Ritual Mist is everywhere I go. It's in my work bag (even if I'm just commuting to my home office), it's in the bathroom, and it's on my desk. A couple mists around my head and chest before work always peps me up. 
  • Who wants dry skin in the fall? I make the Best Sellers Facial Set a part of my fall ritual to protect and nourish my skin morning and night. Plus, it smells delightful. 
  • Ginger tea is a fall staple in my life—and is perfect for warming you up from the inside out. Here's my popular zesty ginger lemon tea for seasonal immunity!
  • I'm drinking a lot more chai now that it's fall—the warming spices help with increasing circulation, keeping you hydrated and encouraging healthy, happy digestion. Make your own ginger chai concentrate and make healthy lattés at home with my go-to recipe
  • It's not fall if you aren't taking elderberry syrup. I prefer to make my own (recipe here) but when I buy it, I get the Town Farm Tonics Elderberry Syrup which includes elderberries, local clover honey, apple cider vinegar, ginger, rose hips, cinnamon, nettles (my favorite!), and elderflower.
  • Continuing with the herbal medicine, Farmacopia's Uplift Elixir is the perfect remedy to uplift you mood, motivation and clarity. Three amazing things! 
  • I love cozying up with a good book in the fall and I'm reading Braiding Sweetgrass for the first time ever. It's a beautifully written book on ecological consciousness stemming from the Indigenous belief that plants are teachers and how we must learn to live in a reciprocal relationship with them.
  • Most of us are deficient in vitamin D—and that's even more likely in the fall and winter. That's why I love the D Minder app. It helps you identify when you can get natural vitamin D based on your location and when to supplement. Hint: fall and winter are typically the time when supplementing is essential to keep blood vitamin D levels up! 
  • Autumn afternoons are made for napping. Snuggle up with this 100% cotton and sustainable throw from West Elm (Copper Rust is on my wishlist!)

Have a beautiful, cozy fall and be sure to sign up for the Lagom Collective where you'll receive the season-by-season skincare guide as well as seasonal lifestyle guide like this every season! 

Favorite Fall Things: A Seasonal Lifestyle Guide

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