Fall Skincare and Lifestyle Ritual Guide

Autumn Skincare+ Lifestyle Ritual Guide

There’s no way around it: as the seasons change so do your skincare needs.

Now, more than ever, we need a skincare routine that hydrates and moisturizes as the air loses humidity and warmth. And it’s not only skincare habits that need shifting this time of year: so do our lifestyle rituals.

Here’s a look at some of my favorite late summer/early fall skincare + lifestyle adjustments.

Daily oil cleansing

My favorite fall skincare routine is daily oil cleansing with Cleansing Dew. It sounds counterintuitive to slather oil on your skin to clean it — especially for those with oily skin. Yet Cleansing Dew cleanses all skin types without any foam or lather: qualities that aren't necessary for a cleanser to work. This is an exceptional nourishing cleanser for cooler months especially as our skin naturally loses more water than in the warmer months.

When it’s time to cleanse, follow these steps:

  1. Warm a washcloth in hot water, squeeze out excess water, and place it over your face. Let the cloth relax your skin and mind. Then, add a quarter size amount of Cleansing Dew to the palm of your hand. 

  2. Massage Cleansing Dew into your face and massage in small circles in an upward motion.

  3. Once your face feels relaxed and Cleansing Dew is evenly spread, let it sit for up to two minutes for a skin nourishing treatment. Dampen the washcloth with warm water again and place the cloth over your face and let it steam. In the same circular, upward motion, use the cloth material as your exfoliator and wipe away the oil. Wet your washcloth once more, place over your face, and remove the rest of the oil.

And that’s it! If you feel like you need a more nourishing and protective ritual during the fall and winter seasons, try incorporating Full Moon Cleansing Balm instead which is an all-time customer favorite. 

Hydrate the skin 

After oil cleansing, your skin should feel rejuvenated, supple, and moisturized—not stripped of its natural oils. To lock in moisture, I like to follow cleansing with Wild Glow Toner to hydrate the skin while delivering potent botanicals for a beautiful glow. It's also the perfect base for makeup.

Moisturizing morning and night

After cleansing and toning, I complete my daily skincare ritual with a facial oil. For me, Flower Bud Oil Serum does the trick for my dry skin. If it’s really cold and dry, I seal in moisture with my protective Restore Balm, day and night.

Drink ginger tea + fire brew

As we shift from summer to fall, the temperatures drop along with the humidity. Pair this with most people staying indoors and it typically results in more colds, coughs, and flus.

Ginger tea is a perfect addition to your fall seasonal ritual. Every morning, cut up thin slices of ginger root, simmer with a pot of water, and simmer for 20 minutes. Ginger not only boosts the immune system but it also stimulates the gut and assists with calming menstrual cramps. 

If you haven't tried fire brew—or fire cider—yet, this season is the perfect time to try it. Similar to ginger tea, fire brew is a folk remedy that boosts the immune system and digestive function. Most fire brews are filled with anti-microbial, -bacterial, and -viral foods like ginger, horseradish, onion, and garlic. I like to mix mine with fresh lemon peel and lemon slices as well as nutritive herbs like nettle and mushrooms like chaga. Get my recipe on how to make fire brew here.

Eat more leafy greens and root veggies

Seasonal skincare is about so much more than what you put on your skin. It's also about what you put in your body—and I'm a huge proponent of eating seasonally and, ideally, eating what grows locally to you. Not only is the produce fresher but it's also a more sustainable practice—which is a win-win in my book. 

Leafy greens are abundant in the fall. They tend to grow easily in cool weather—think summer and fall—and you'll be able to find healthy, fresh greens at your local farmer's market or you can grow you own (whether you have a container garden or raised beds!) Leafy greens are full of prebiotics and fiber and are nutrient dense, assisting your liver and digestive tract. A happy liver and happy digestion = happy skin. 

A diet full of organic, fresh veggies—particularly root veggies—are perfect for this time of year, too. Pair your leafy greens with garlic (which is usually available this time of year from your local farmers), and sweet potato and carrots. 

During the fall, I incorporate more and more seasonal, local-to-me root veggies like salads with roasted sweet potatoes and fresh raspberries... quinoa bowls with roasted carrots, garlic, fresh kale and shredded chicken... at my house right now, we're also obsessed with this cauliflower taco recipe from Minimalist Baker. Yum!

Don't forget the fat

Fat is essential for brain health as well as your skin health. I like coconut oil and cooking with grass-fed butter or olive oil. I highly recommend using oils that are cold-pressed and organic and always cooking on low or medium heat. Cooking on high heat alters the chemistry of oil and has been shown to have a negative impact on overall health. 

Eat herbal condiments

To make it easier for the body to digest food, I enjoy a range of bitters before, during, and after meals. Finely chopped fresh oregano and parsley, mixed with minced garlic and lemon juice, provides a perfect combination of bitters to prep your body for a meal. Chimichurri is another option—this recipe looks delicious and easy!

Overall, the bitter taste is lacking from the standard American diet. Yet bitters offer many advantages for those who incorporate them in their life — specifically when it comes to digestion. Bitters, like those mentioned above and others including gentian, dandelion, burdock (and sometimes coffee), activate our bodies digestive juices that make it easier to absorb minerals and nutrients from our food as it moves through our body and keeps elimination pathways open.

Think of bitter herbs and foods as an ally to the foundation of a healthy digestive system—and thus healthy skin and a healthy life! 

Drink mineral-rich tea infusions

It’s always time for herbal infusions but even more so as the seasons change. They keep the organs of elimination running properly and deliver high-vibe minerals and nutrients throughout the body. The best way to care for your skin is from the inside out.

Mineral-rich herbal infusions positively impact hair, skin, nails, and bones. My favorite nutritive tea includes nettle — it's in almost herbal tea I drink. 

Here's a simple recipe + guide to make a mineral-rich herbal tea:

  • 2 parts nettle
  • 1 part horsetail
  • 1 part milky oat tops
  • 1 pinch lavender buds or peppermint

Add your loose leaf herbs to a French press or jar and cover with boiling water. Steep for at least 20 minutes, then filter out the herbs and pour into a mason jar. Drink up to 3 cups a day or refrigerate and drink when needed. Discard any remaining tea after a couple days.

Some herbalists infuse herbs just once for tea, but I re-infuse my herbs up to 3 times. Please compost your herbs. As always, you can find all the dried herbs you need from Mountain Rose Herbs or from your local apothecary/herb shop.

Set fall intentions

As energy transitions in nature, so does it within our own bodies. We are more connected to the earth and its cycles than we realize. I use seasonal changes as anchors and review points to create new intentions for life and business.

A healthy, mindful life not only includes how you take care of your body but also how you inspire your mind and pursue your intentions.

For my intention setting ritual, I like to set aside an evening with oracle cards, mineral rich tea, essential oils, and a notebook. You can personalize this experience as much as you want — you can do this alone, with a partner, or your best friend. You can bring flowers, music, and meditation to it. Whatever helps you ground, focus, and align with yourself. 

Want to go deeper into nourishing your skin + spirit this fall?

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