Earth-Based Winter Skincare Ritual

Earth-Based Winter Skincare Ritual

Every season presents our skin with challenges -- but especially winter. Colder temperatures, wind, and less sun dries out and dulls the skin. Fortunately, there are simple remedies to protect your skin from the elements during darker months. Here are my favorite tips for hydrating and moisturizing to keep your skin calm and happy throughout the winter.


No matter the season, the first step of any and every skincare ritual is cleansing. My skin tends towards dry so I usually cleanse with a cream cleanser or one rich in hyaluronic acid to draw moisture to the skin. Cleansing is especially important at night for removing makeup and any dirt/pollution I picked up throughout the day. 

Tone + Hydrate

Once I've thoroughly cleansed, I follow up with a facial tonic. My go-to is Wild Glow. Although Wild Glow works best for oily/problem skin types, I've found that partnered with a moisturizing cream or oil, it balances out nicely for skin prone to dryness.

Wild Glow also deep cleans the pores, and because of the white willow bark, it encourages cell regeneration to clear the skin (and who doesn't like that?!). I use Wild Glow every day, usually 1-2x by spritzing it directly on my face and gently wiping away with a cotton ball; or, I spray into a cotton ball and apply to the skin with a couple drops of facial oil.


Once I've finished steps 1-2, I complete my daily winter ritual with a moisturizer. My skin always wants more hydration, so I combine Nirvana Daily Face Cream with either Golden Om or Flower Bud facial oils. Nirvana is a combination of rose hydrosol, jojoba, and sea buckthorn oil to hydrate and seal in moisture every day. I hydrate with it twice a day before I apply makeup and before I go to bed. Nirvana sinks in almost immediately so it doesn't slow me down. 

If my skin's really dried out and needs extra protection from outdoor adventures, I apply a layer of a homemade, deep nourishing balm with meadowfoam oil, jojoba, and sea buckthorn. It's bright orange and smells like summer! 

And, of course, I can't forget the lips. Every day, I wear Sun Seeker Lip Mending Balm -- it soaks in quickly but it doesn't leave your lips feeling dried out after. 


Once a week, I exfoliate to clear away dead skin and make way for a brighter complexion. I sometimes use the Feed mask as a 2-in-1 exfoliator and mask as it's slightly grainy in texture. Otherwise, I use ground oats or almonds combined with white clay 1:1 for a DIY, earth-based exfoliator. You'd be surprised how well it works for calming and clearing the skin!


Along with exfoliating, I treat my skin to a mask every week to increase circulation and cleanse the pores. My skin tends to be more dry and dull so the mask helps counteract this while feeding the skin with beneficial nutrients that clear for a healthy glow. 

I like setting aside 20 minutes on Sundays to do this. I encourage you to take the time to thoroughly enjoy the mask experience -- but if you're on the go, you can apply the mask and let it do its work while you shower, then rinse at the end.


While the face tends to get all the attention, I give my body some love, too. I moisturize every day -- and love using a homemade balm to seal in moisture. For my hands, I carry along Truth Seeker All-Purpose skin salve, to nourish and protect from the cold. 

This winter, I put together the Winter Ritual Collection Kit. It comes with full sizes of Wild Heart, Golden Om, and Sun Seeker inside a beautiful, hand-made, hand-dyed shibori makeup bag that you can use over and over again. 

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