Dry Body Brushing For Vibrant Skin

Dry Body Brushing For Vibrant Skin

In my fall Nourished workshop, I talked about dry brushing as a healthy body ritual for supporting the skin as well as the lymphatic system. It's incredible for moving the lymph, supporting the skin, and encouraging detoxification through the skin -- and so much more.

First, I can't say enough about taking a quiet moment with your body throughout the week. In today's modern world, our minds are valued over our body and our time alone with our own bodies feels limited. Dry brushing, combined with a warm shower or full-body oil massage, is an easy weekly ritual to make time for yourself and cultivate that mind-body-soul relationship. 

Dry brushing invigorates and exfoliates the skin, increases circulation, and stimulates the lymphatic system. Unlike blood, which is pumped through the body by the heart, lymph only moves through movement and exercise -- or through activities like dry brushing. It's a good idea to move your body every day as well as invigorating your skin and lymph with a dry brushing ritual. Have time for both? Do it!

So why do we care about the lymph system? Because it helps the body eliminate toxins. When our skin is healthy from head to toe, it's that much easier for us to release those toxins and uncover a glow from the inside out. 

And, it needs to be said that dry brushing simply feels good. It lowers our stress and it connects us to our bodies. Both two very good things.

How to dry body brush

Here's how I do it.

  1. Start with the proper brush with soft + natural bristles (it should feel good!) and a long handle for harder to reach areas. I like a brush with a removable handle, like this one
  2. Before hopping in the shower, brush your dry skin starting with your feet, then legs, torso, arms, and chest. Stroke towards your heart to encourage lymph movement towards the heart. Be gentle near and around sensitive skin. Always avoid broken or injured skin. 
  3. Once you've covered every area of your body (skip your face!), get in a warm shower and bathe as usual. 
  4. Post-shower, apply your favorite body oil or natural moisturizer, like our Uplift Moisturizing Body Cream that's fresh, uplifting, and vibrant. Our body oils are also divine and perfect for this ritual.


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