Cultivating A Container For Pure Skin Love

Pink/orange rose, up close

How are you increasing your luminescence from the outside in?

How are you honing in on your inner senses to awaken your joy and intuition?

How are you leaning into what your body yearns for?

How are you connecting head + heart on a daily basis?

How are you tending to your inner needs?

Naturally caring for the body + skin is one tool out of many for every day, practical self-care and whole body health... and, for me, it's the answer to every question above.

Our daily skincare ritual allows space for us to create a loving experience that grounds us and connects us to our selves. It's not about having "nice skin," it's about having kind thoughts + intentions towards yourself. While clear, happy skin is a perk, your daily ritual is about truly embodying self-love and caring for our largest organ with as much intention as we do the rest of our body through nourishment, movement, and rest.

Daily embodiment — touching and connecting with my body — is one way I tune in and tune up my intuition. One of my favorite rituals is stepping out of the shower and, while my skin is still damp, taking a generous portion of Meadow Moisturizing Body Cream and applying it lovingly from head to toe. The creamy texture melts on contact with the skin and smells lightly of lavender and wood, creating a space to inhale and exhale deeply.

Breathing is the best way to instantly reset your nervous system, which impacts everything else from your brain to your gut. I may also use this time to set intentions or extend gratitude to my body. It's also a wonderful way to become intimate with your body and to learn what's "normal" for you.

There are a number of ways to answer the questions above — and I invite you to take some time to see how naturally caring for your skin is one way to truly love on your body, your life, and your dreams.

Maybe you can...

Power up the senses through plants, herbs, and meditation.

Create space for self-love and self-intimacy through self-massage.

Tend to the lymphatic system and whole body wellness through dry brushing.

I'd love to invite you to create a ritual of your own. How can you cultivate a container for pure skin love that ripples into the rest of your life? Find what works for you and try it out for a few days and see how you feel.

To elevate the experience, I invite you to add in our Nectar Body Oil. Not only will the plants encourage your self-care ritual but they'll infuse your ritual with lots of botanical love and hearty intention.



Kristen Runvik, founder of Lagom Body Co.

Lagom Body Co. is an organic, elegant, and holistic skincare line designed to bring you closer to nature. Founded by holistic herbalist, Kristen Runvik, Lagom Body Co. aims to offer beautiful organic skincare made from nature while offering education on nature and plants for more peace and joy in the world. Learn more about our plants and our process here.

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