Celebrating You Series: Te'ana

Lagom wouldn't be what it is without our customers and that's the truth. As a small business, every single customer is the lifeblood of our work. As Lagom turns two, I'm using it as an opportunity to shine a light on all the beautiful people who help make it all possible. Now, let's Meet Te'ana!

Celebrating You Series: Te'ana

How do you connect with your body every day? 
I'm still learning how to connect with and care for my body every day. I'm in the process of learning (and unlearning) a lot about what self-care means to me, and how I can create the space to practice self-care in a way that feels authentic. I've recently returned to practicing yoga as a way to connect with my body and mind, and I really enjoy going for walks outside. 

What's your favorite way to connect to the earth and the changing seasons?
My favorite way to connect with the earth and the changing seasons is to spend quiet time outside. Sometimes this looks like going for a walk, and sometimes this looks like spending intentional time making photos. I've always loved using photography as a means for inquiry and appreciation of seasonal changes.

When you're feeling stressed, how do you cope? 
I'm a human, so I have both healthy and unhealthy coping skills when I'm feeling stressed. The unhealthy coping skills that I've noticed popping up in my life lately include avoidance - usually through watching a lot of Netflix - which is okay and necessary sometimes.

However, some of the more nourishing tools that I turn to when feeling stressed include giving myself permission to feel all of my feelings, processing what I'm feeling with writing and journaling, re-reading "The Gifts of Imperfection" by Brene Brown for the millionth time, and reaching out to my loved ones when I need some extra support.

What's your favorite Lagom product? 
Not only is Golden Om my favorite Lagom product, but it is also my favorite skincare product of all-time! I've never really been someone who is into skincare and beauty products, so I was surprised by how much I LOVED Golden Om the first time I used it. This facial serum leaves my skin feeling moisturized and nourished, it smells AMAZING, and it has saved my skin through several seasonal changes.  

What's your favorite season and why? 
My favorite season changes at least once every year, but right now I'm going to say Spring. I've always found a lot of meaning in seasonal changes & the concept of Spring as a season of brightness, warmth, and blooming always feels tangibly hopeful. However, I am REALLY loving autumn in Washington right now too.

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