Celebrating You Series: Meet Erica

Lagom wouldn't be what it is without our customers and that's the truth. As a small business, every single customer is the lifeblood of our work. As Lagom turns two, I'm using it as an opportunity to shine a light on all the beautiful people who help make it all possible. Now, let's Meet Erica!

Celebrating You Series: Meet Erica

How do you embody the Lagom ethos of routine to ritual?

By taking time to appreciate the small tasks we do everyday that we often rush past.

How do you connect with your body every day?

Using meditation, yoga, journaling 

What's your favorite way to connect to the earth and the changing seasons?

Grounding — getting out there and getting my feet on the ground— except in winter — then I tuck in and listen.

When you're feeling stressed, how do you cope?

Belly breathing that Miss Randi Kay taught me.

What does your favorite daily ritual look like?

Walking up — spritzing with wild heart, then adding golden om and of course nirvana!

What's your favorite Lagom product?

Oh that’s hard.... It depends on the day...But I really love nirvana — it’s so light!

What's your favorite season and why?

Fall— it teaches me that letting things go is beautiful.

What's your favorite plant ally and why?

Lemon Balm— it just really relaxes me. It’s great as a tea and just plucking a leaf and sniffing :)

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