My Favorite Products

As a holistic herbalist, organic skincare formulator and mama, living a non-toxic and eco-friendly lifestyle is important to me. Below are some of the products that I use for my overall health and beauty rituals. 

When I'm choosing a product to add to my personal care lineup, the most important thing is a multipurpose (when possible!) product with simple ingredients.

Below is an ever evolving list of products that I use and love—and I hope you love them, too! Be sure to bookmark this page and revisit as this is a living document that I will update consistently as I try new products.

Botanical Skincare

  • I use Lagom Body Co. products (my own!) every day. My go-to ritual is moisturizing with the Lagom Body Co. Best Sellers Facial Set with Wild Earth Facial Oil, Meadow Rose Restore Cream, and Seatide Daily Cleanser.

Healthy Personal Care

  • Boka Toothpaste pairs the best ingredients nature and modern science have to offer to heal your mouth and nourish your body. I've been using this for months with amazing success on sensitive spots without fluoride!

Mama + Baby Products 

  • Sunspell Body Nectar for mama and babe connection. Gentle softening and hydration, perfect for those baby massages. Use on babies 6 months or older.

Other Lifestyle Products

  • Daily Harvest. I was skeptical of smoothies delivered to your door but they have been a HUGE lifesaver postpartum for quick snacks/meals that are full of fruits and veggies. Making healthy meals one handed is so much easier with Daily Harvest. Use this link to save $25 on your first box.

Non-toxic Makeup

Non-toxic + High Quality Supplements 

  • Needed prenatals. If you are planning on a little one soon or just want to up your nutrition (even after baby), these prenatals are incredible. I took these throughout my pregnancy and now am taking them and feel so confident that they set me up for health and balance postpartum. Use this link for $15 off your first order.
  • Amy Myers creates an amazing Vitamin D3/K2. Most people are deficient in vitamin d which can affect hormone levels and metabolism, among many other things. Her vitamin D3/K2 comes in a convenient dropper bottle and each droplet is 1,000 iUs, making it super quick and simple to increase your vitamin D levels. Use this code for $10 off your first purchase

Hair Care

  • Kavella Hair Care. Mindfully beautiful hair care products for all hair types. I'm using the volumizing shampoo and loving it so far! It smells delicious and gives my fine hair a nice lift. They offer tons of natural hair care—I definitely recommend. Woman-owned. Donate to animal rights and welfare. 

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