At-Home Nervous System Reset

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The world is loud. If we never pause to listen to ourselves and slow down, the world, our jobs, and constant pressure to be better people, healers, activists, parents and entrepreneurs can affect everything we do. And our work, art, love and relationships can suffer. 

Taking moments for ourselves is essential if we're to show up to affect change in our lives and our communities. We do not need to be tapped in at all hours of the day. We can break free from the demands in simple ways by carving out dedicated time for our spirit.

By giving our nervous system a place to rest, we:

  • Feel more rested and rejuvenated
  • Respond with intention¬†instead of reacting on impulse
  • Feel more grounded and at ease
  • Make it easier to connect with others and vice versa

I'd like to invite you to take an hour or so for this simple DIY nervous system reset. Yoga, meditation + rhythmic breathing, and writing are some of the ways that I nourish my soul so that I can show up fully for those around me.

Simple guidance for your reset

  1. Create a quiet, cozy space. Light some candles or mist your space with the Chai + Good Vibes Mist or Wild Glow Mist to anchor yourself in the moment. A couple swipes of Slow Your Flow Ritual Oil or Inner Forest Ritual Oil are perfect, too. 
  2. Sit quietly and breathe deeply in and out for ten breaths to bring your focus to the present moment. 
  3. Embrace movement medicine with Adriene of Yoga with Adriene. This is an 18 minute calming practice. Watch the video here.
  4. If you use your phone for YouTube, start by turning your phone to airplane mode and/or quiet mode so you're not interrupted. Your phone is designed to distract and disempower you. Don't let it interrupt your peace.
  5. Follow your yoga practice with a 12 minute guided meditation with Adriene. Listen/watch here. I find that I'm a lot more open to a meditation after a rejuvenating yoga practice.
  6. After your yoga and meditation practice, make a cup of tea and free write for 15-20 minutes. Let anything and everything come out. How do you feel? What comes to mind? What insights have you had? 
  7. Finish your reset by taking a long walk‚ÄĒfor 30 minutes or so, distraction free and phone free. Studies show that even having our phone on us can¬†take us out of the present moment.
  8. Finish your walk with a smile and some gratitude and notice how much better you feel. 

Don't skip this part: take note of what felt¬†really¬†good for you during this little nervous system reset. I have what I like to call a Nourish List, which is essentially directions on how to bring more happiness and joy into my life‚ÄĒand to combat burnout and anxiety.¬†You can read the full guidance on creating your own Nourish List here.

Sensorial ways to support your nervous system

I've found that deeply sensory and aromatic experiences help bring myself back into the moment when I'm feeling anxious or ungrounded which is why I like to bring aromatherapy mists and roll-ons into my daily life as well as simply inhaling essential oils for a little pep. 


Inner Forest Ritual Oil is an otherworldly blend of vibrant, fresh, green and sacred Douglas Fir dances along the sultry, warm, sweet vanilla-like benzoin offering you grounding, sensual, and clarifying energetics to enhance feelings of well-being and peace.


Slow Your Flow Ritual Oil enhances your inner peace and mood while calming stress, anxiety, and bodily tension with the soothing scent of tansy and chamomile. This ritual oil also helps dissolve feelings of fear, impatience, and grumpiness. It's perfect for any time you need to slow down and ground into your body.




The Limited Edition Chai and Good Vibes Mist is perfect for your grounding, self-care fall rituals and is the perfect last step in your fall and winter beauty ritual before you start your day. 

Fresh ginger essential oil and cardamom from Madagascar dance with clove and sweet orange for an invigorating chai aroma, offering an unmistakable fresh, warm, and cozy feel for the fall and winter season.

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