A Daily Earth-Based Face Care Routine

Daily Earth-Based Skincare Routine

The best skincare ritual is simple and personalized for your skin and lifestyle. Frankly, you don't need 10+ products for fresh, happy skin. All you need is a few high-quality ones that are simple, pure, and effective. Here's a look at my daily routine featuring only 4 products.

Step One: Cleanse

Cleansing your skin is the foundation of your daily skincare ritual. A quick rinse works for the morning. In the evening, take more care to properly cleanse to remove dirt, bacteria, grime, and pollution that builds up on the skin throughout the day. 

Right now, I'm loving oil cleansing. It's nourishing and purging -- and it's not messy! I don't know about you, but I hate water running down my arms and getting my clothes wet (that seems to happen when I use gel cleansers or powder-based cleansers. I can't deal!) I have a new oil cleanser coming soon. Join the Lagom Collective to hear when it's available.

Step Two: Tone

After cleansing, follow with your choice of toner. Tonic waters tighten the upper layer of your skin and remove any additional dirt and grime. Astringent herbs, like witch hazel and rose, naturally tighten and tone while offering aromatherapy. Yesss, please! 

I like to switch between Wild Heart and Wild Glow. Wild Glow helps to balance and calm the skin while clarifying the skin with consistent use. I notice that when I use Wild Glow, my complexion is bright, even, and clear. Wild Heart comes into my routine when I need extra cooling and hydrating -- perfect for summer months or post-workout! 

Step Three: Moisturize

Finish your daily skincare ritual with a moisturizer to seal in your skin's hydration, balance oil production, and nourish for the rest of your day (or night!) 

There are a few ways to accomplish moisturized skin: through traditional moisturizers or through facial oils. During colder, drier months I reach for Nirvana Daily Face Cream or I use a combination of my favorite tonic and facial oil, like Flower Bud and Wild Glow to emulsify and spread. 

Step Four: Mask (Weekly)

No matter your skin type, making a mask a part of your skincare routine is essential. Masks deep cleanse, balance, and detox the skin to keep your complexion looking fresh and happy. I recommend masking at least once a week -- those of you with oily skin can mask even more often. I like to mask while I take a bath on Sundays and right now FEED is my absolutely favorite. It's full of plant-powered vitamin C and gentle yet detoxifying herbs and clays.

If that's not available to you, apply the mask pre-shower, then gently wipe away right at the end. It's a super easy way to fit a mask into your life, no matter how much you have going on. 

Pro-tip: Apply your mask outside of the shower. Lagom masks are housed in glass so you don't want to risk dropping it 

If you're looking to transition to a natural skincare routine, shop the Lagom face collection. Everything is crafted by an herbalist (me!) from whole earth-based ingredients, including flowers, herbs, clays, extracts, and waters. Not sure what works for your skin? Get in touch for a complimentary consult. 

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