A Daily Earth-Based Face Care Routine

Daily Earth-Based Skincare Routine

The best skincare ritual is simple and personalized for your skin and lifestyle. Frankly, you don't need 10+ products for fresh, happy skin. All you need is a few high-quality ones that are simple, pure, and effective. Here's a look at my simple daily skincare ritual that leaves me feeling calm and connected to myself.

🌿 Step One: Cleanse

Cleansing your skin is the foundation of your daily skincare ritual. A quick rinse works for the morning. In the evening, take more care to properly cleanse to remove dirt, bacteria, excess oil, and pollution that sticks to the skin throughout the day. 

Right now, I'm loving oil cleansing. It's purging while being nourishing for this dry skin. But don't be fooled: oil cleansing is effective for oily skin, too. If you aren't into oil cleansing, using one of our powdered masks as a cleanser works really well. I love using Treat or Feed for cleansing purposes.

🌿🌿 Step Two: Tone

After cleansing, follow with your choice of toner. Facial toners can be astringent, hydrating, or a bit of both, depending on the chosen plants in the formula. I like to spritz my face from above 3-4 times, enjoying the aroma and the moment to myself. 

My go-to is Wild Heart and Wild Glow Facial Tonics. Wild Heart is hydrating, nourishing, and balancing and fantastic for when my skin is feeling pretty dry. When I notice hormonal breakouts towards the end of my cycle, I'll use Wild Glow to balance and clarify the skin. 

🌿🌿🌿 Step Three: Moisturize

Finish your daily skincare ritual with a moisturizer to seal in hydration, balance oil production, and nourish your skin for the rest of your day (or night!) 

There are a few ways to accomplish moisturized skin: through traditional moisturizers or through oil serums. During colder, drier months I reach for Nirvana Daily Face Cream (a customer favorite!) or I use a combination of my favorite tonic and facial oilserum together, like Flower Bud and Wild Glow to emulsify in my palms and apply a light and protective layer to the face.

🌿🌿🌿🌿 Step Four: Mask (Weekly)

No matter your skin type, masks are a fabulous addition to your weekly ritual. Masks deeply cleanse the skin, adsorb oil + toxins, and contaminants that you collect through your day to provide a fresh, clean complexion.

Feed Mask is a beautiful combination of rhassoul clay, hibiscus + rosehips for a nourishing, clarifying, and brightening treatment for dry, sun-exposed, and normal skin. Hydrate Mask is filled with rose, chamomile, white clay, and coconut milk powder for a gentle exfoliation and calming treatment. Treat Mask is perfect for addressing acneic, oily, combination, and hormonal breakouts.

Contrary to posts you might see on Instagram, masks don't need to be a time-consuming ritual. If you're a busy mom, professional, or entrepreneur, there is always time for what you value. You can apply any mask just before hopping in the shower, leaving it on through the duration and rinsing off at the end. Follow with your choice of toner and oil serum or cream. 

What's your favorite Lagom ritual? 



If you're looking to transition to a natural skincare routine, shop the Lagom face collection. Everything is crafted by a holistic herbalist from whole earth-based ingredients, including flowers, herbs, clays, extracts, and waters. Not sure what works for your skin? Get in touch for a complimentary consult. 

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