3 Ways To Use An Oil Serum In Your Daily Skincare Ritual

3 Ways To Use An Oil Serum In Your Daily Skincare Ritual

Over the last couple weeks, I've been getting a lot of questions about how oil serums work and how/why to use them in our skincare routine. If you have oily or problem skin, putting more oil on your skin feels counterintuitive, and possibly even scary.

The truth is if you have the right blend of cold-pressed oils with the right combination of fatty acids and botanicals, an oil serum can do wonders for your skin—bringing balance, restoration, and rejuvenation—no matter your skin type. Oil serums, depending on the formula, also support clear, calm skin. 

What is an oil serum?

Simply put, an oil serum is a 100% oil-based skincare product used on your face. It is commonly filled with organic cold-pressed oils and botanicals to support healthy skin, naturally. Because they're made only from oil, they don't require a preservative, natural or synthetic, making them a healthy choice for your skin. 

Many customers who use Lagom Body Co.'s Wild Earth Oil Serum say their skin feels alive when they use it in their routines. 

3 ways to use an oil serum in your skincare routine

  1. Mix your oil serum and facial toner together for a bespoke daily moisturizer and penetrating treatment. This simplifies your routine and offers a quick and custom facial treatment, depending on the season and your cycle. I like to use Wild Earth Oil together with Mountain Flora Mist
  2. Apply an oil serum after cleansing and before your heavier moisturizer. If you incorporate an oil serum into your ritual, it's best to massage it into damp skin, then follow with your favorite face cream. My nightly ritual usually includes cleansing with Seatide Daily Cleanser, followed by Wild Earth Oil and Meadow Rose Restore Cream.
  3. Use your oil serum day and night for long-term skin health benefits. Because oil serums are light and penetrate quickly, they fit easily into the morning and evening routines. By using them in the morning, oil serums offer nourishment as well as a beautiful base for natural makeup. Some of my customers like to use a little bit of oil serum along with their highlighter or bronzing powder for even coverage. At night, an oil serum restores and rejuvenates the skin.

Meet Lagom Body Co.'s Wild Earth Oil Serum

Wild Earth Oil is the ultimate everyday harmonizing oil serum for a vibrant complexion. This oil serum is blended up with protective, nourishing, revitalizing, renewing, and toning botanicals. 

Formulated for all skin types in mind: from normal and aging to fussy and sensitive. 

Meet the botanical ingredients inside Wild Earth Oil

The herbs

Calendula is a well-known herbal medicine and one that every herbalist knows and respects. I personally love it because it protects the skin from free radicals, fights infection, and increases circulation. Plus, it is such a cheery, supportive medicine.

Calendula inside woven basket


Yarrow is a plant that lives near river banks, providing the same respite for the skin by reducing, repairing and increasing cellular renewal. 



Tulsi is commonly used in Ayurvedic medicine and western herbalism. It promotes nourishing, antioxidant, and protective action for a radiant complexion in addition to stimulating properties promoting overall cellular skin health.



Comfrey stimulates cellular regeneration and promotes the growth of new skin cells.



Lagom wild rose petals are ethically wildcrafted from the Pacific Northwest. Wildcrafted botanicals are thought to have more nutrients, vitamins, and minerals due to their growing location within nutrient-rich soil, away from farmed land where they naturally exist. Rose promotes even skin tone, tones the skin, and brings a beautiful light aroma to the blend.

Wild Rose

The oils inside Wild Earth Oil Serum

Jojoba is actually not an oil but a wax that closely resembles the sebum of human skin, making it the perfect ally for all skin types. Jojoba is regenerative, protective, and supports the skin's natural barrier, meaning happier and more balanced skin.

Fruit oils—rosehip berry and sea buckthorn berry—help to brighten and restore lackluster skin caused by environmental impact and rejuvenate the skin with protective antioxidant properties.

Sea buckthorn berry

Sea buckthorn berry C02 encourages cell regeneration, scavenges free radicals to uncover lustrous skin, and supports the proper hydration and metabolism of the skin. Sea buckthorn berry oil is also known to address acne by signaling to the skin to balance sebum production while being filled to the brim with free radical scavenging and tissue regeneration properties resulting in fresh, youthful skin.

Camellia seed oil works to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and address daily environmental stress that weakens the skin.

Cold-pressed + local Willamette Valley meadowfoam seed oil deeply nourishes and encourages the skin's natural ability to retain moisture for a more supple and dewy complexion.

The Ritual

Massage several drops into refreshed skin after using Seatide Daily Cleanser and Mountain Flora Mist. This gentle process naturally stimulates blood and lymph circulation and encourages cellular turnover for healthy collagen production. Use with Meadow Rose Restore Cream for added moisture morning and evening.

Woman holding Wild Earth Facial Oil

        Learn more about Wild Earth Oil Serum.



        Kristen Runvik, founder of Lagom Body Co.

        3 Ways To Use An Oil Serum In Your Daily Skincare Ritual

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